Food and Drink

There are various food and drink facilities both in and around Homerton.

The Dining Hall

Lunch and dinner are served on weekdays in the Dining Hall. It's a very social space where you can eat and catch up with friends. This is also where Formal Halls are held. The menus rotate each week and we offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat, Fish and Halal (on request) dishes. At the weekend, during term time, we offer a hot lunch on Saturday and Sunday brunch. Desserts, soft drinks, sandwiches and salads are also available, click here for our opening times.


Epos Card Payment System

Homerton operates an EPOS card payment system for food purchased in the dining hall or buttery. The EPOS card system works on your University ID card, which you should carry with you at all times.

Your EPOS card can be topped up via UPAY using your debit or credit card. Your unique username on UPAY will be your University of Cambridge email address together with a password. You can check your account at any time by logging on to UPAY, ask for mini statements, or you can make regular monthly top-ups. For example, you can set up an arrangement on UPAY to automatically top-up with £20 when your balance reaches £1.50.


Formal Halls

Formal Halls are a weekly Cambridge tradition that takes place at most colleges and are a sit-down three-course candle lit dinner for students and Fellows. They are a great way to celebrate and have conversations with people you may not have met before. You may be invited to attend a formal with your Tutor, or invited to a special subject dinner. At Homerton, Formal Halls are quite relaxed in terms of dress code; you are welcome to wear the traditional gown, but it is not a requirement.

Click here for a sample of our Formal Hall dishes:

Tickets are released a week in advance and can be purchased via UPAY; you may also purchase guest tickets for friends who do not attend Homerton. 

Watch our film to see what you can expect from a Formal Hall at Homerton;



The Buttery 

The Buttery is situated next to the Dining Hall and offers cold lunches, paninis, snacks and coffees. The Buttery doubles up as a social space and a casual place for students to work, you can view the Buttery price list and menu here.


The Griffin Bar

The Griffin Bar is a great place for drinks. You can even get a pint of Homerton’s own lager or gin! We also offer great cocktails and wines. It's an impressive space where all Homertonians can work during the day and relax with a drink in the evening. Click here to see our cocktail menu.



We are passionate about healthy and sustainable food.

Please click here for an overview, or here for our full policy.


The Team

Our approachable and flexible team strive for nothing but the best when it comes to food. We use local produce and suppliers where possible on our seasonal menus and when available sustainable fish is our priority. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have; you can contact us here:


Nearest Shops, Pubs and Restaurants

The College is only a short walk away from the local leisure park. Shops such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Co-Op sit alongside local restaurants Al Pomodoro and chains including Wagamama and Bella Italia. There are a few local pubs that you can also walk to from Homerton, including The Rock on Cherry Hinton Road and The Earl of Derby. Nearby to Homerton is the Cambridge Cookery School on Purbeck Road; providing a great local option for coffee or brunch.

Located just a 20-minute walk from Homerton is Mill Road, a popular and busy street in Cambridge. On Mill Road, you will find many restaurants that offer a range of cuisines, as well as great pubs and cafes.

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