Weekly Menus and contact information for our internal catering team

Opening Times

The Great Hall


Monday to Saturday 8am – 10am


Monday to Saturday 12noon – 2pm


Monday to Friday 5.30pm – 7.30pm

(6.30pm on formal hall evenings)


Sunday 11am – 2pm



Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm

Griffin Bar

Monday to Sunday 6pm – 11pm


Management Team

Paul Coleman

Conferencing and Catering manager

Robert Gamble

Food and Beverage Manager



Dale Davies

Catering and bar supervisor

Monika Wybraniec

Hall and Catering supervisor

Sharon Knott

Catering Supervisor

Karolina Skibowska

Catering Supervisor

William Proudfoot

Head Chef

Lewis Webb

Sous Chef

Caroline ‘Bobbie’ Bobb-Semple

Conference sales  manager


Contact us

The catering team can be contacted at

Epos Card Payment System

Homerton operates an EPOS card payment system for food purchased in the dining hall or buttery. The EPOS card system works on your University ID card, which you should carry with you at all times.

Your EPOS card can be topped up via UPAY using your debit or credit card. Your unique username on UPAY will be your University of Cambridge email address together with a password. You can check your account at any time by logging on to UPAY, ask for mini statements, or you can make regular monthly top-ups. For example, you can set up an arrangement on UPAY to automatically top-up with £20 when your balance reaches £1.50.

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