Compassionate Mind Training: Self-criticism: Does it help, or get in the way?

Dr Ashleigh and Hilary McLellan take us deeper into managing our minds and self-talk with this half day online workshop Self-criticism: does it help, or get in the way? 22nd March 2022

This is a follow up to the Compassionate Mind Training Workshop from Dec 2021. No prior experience is necessary though and all are welcome to attend this workshop 


In this workshop we will recap the main points of theory that are important in understanding our brain and emotions before helping us get to know why we may be self-critical.

Self-criticism can be incredibly common in high achievers and perfectionists. We will explore how self-criticism can feel necessary but, linking with the models shared, it may not be as helpful as we think.

Together we will explore and develop a new way to coach ourselves inside our own mind through using experiential practices to bring this to life. To end we will reflect on where we are within ourselves and what we need to do to move forwards in a way that is helpful for ourselves and others.

Reflections from students who attended Part One of the Compassionate Mind Training: 

I really enjoyed the reflection on our flows of compassion and the self-scoring exercise, also the discussion on the 3 emotional regulation systems.

It gave me an opportunity to understand myself and my own reactions in relation to compassion and self-compassion in a deep way. It definitely encouraged me to go away and think more about my personal weaknesses and look for ways to improve them. I've also more actively sought to balance the 3 emotional 'systems' we discussed

Introducing Hilary & Ashleigh






Hilary McLellan (first photo above) – an Organisational Behaviourist and Exec. Coach and Dr Ashleigh McLellan (second photo above)– a Clinical Psychologist - are not just part of the same family, they have spent the last two years carefully connecting their professional knowledge and experience to bring ‘compassion focused coaching’ to the corporate and executive coaching world.

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) pioneered by Professor Paul Gilbert is continually being adapted and applied to organisational and business contexts, education and politics. Compassion is defined in this model as: a sensitivity to the suffering (problems/pain) in the self and others with a commitment to try and alleviate and prevent it.

Hilary and Ashleigh blend their respective specialties of Emotional Intelligence and CFT and invite delegates to reflect upon their perspectives and behavioural patterns. Using Compassionate Mind Training models and exercises, they make clear that compassion is not an emotion it is a motivation which is rooted in our evolved systems of care giving and receiving.

In working with individuals and groups they help delegates explore their understanding of compassion and tease out any resistance, blocks or fears they may have to it. Importantly they highlight that compassion is not just for other people, nor is it weak, soft, or ‘fluffy’.

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