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Dining facilities 

There are currently two main dining facilities at Homerton and a new dining hall under construction. You can find the main dining facility, the Great Hall in the Cavendish building where lunch and dinner is served on weekdays and lunch/brunch on the weekends, as well as Formal Hall on Tuesdays. 


The Great Hall opening times





12pm - 1:45pm

5:30pm - 7:30pm


12pm - 1:45pm

5:30pm - 6:30pm


11am - 1:30pm


The other dining facility is the Buttery that is open everyday for lunches, coffees and snacks. 


The Buttery opening times


7:30am - 10pm


7:30am - 9pm


8am - 10pm

The new dining hall, located at the end of the Cavendish building, is currently under construction and will be completed in Spring 2021. 


Social spaces 

The Griffin Bar is a popular spot for students to grab a drink, it's open every evening of the week with very reasonable prices. 

The Griffin Bar opening times


6pm - 11pm


12pm - 11pm


Homerton is very lucky to have a lot of green space within its grounds, including the Orchard. The Orchard is a popular place for students to hang out, read or study, especially during Easter term. You may also BBQ in Homerton's site, however you must fill out a risk assessment that is located on this page. 

As well as this, Homerton has a Junior Common Room (JCR), located next to the Buttery. The JCR has a pool table, a Nintendo Wii, a TV and a selection of board games available for students to use. Within Morley House there is a Middle Common Room (MCR) available for our postgraduate community.


Study spaces 

There is a selection of study spaces in college, including our library, that are open 24 hours. Study rooms located around the College include the lower study room, next to the IT office. Students can use the supervision rooms in Queens (when not booked) or the Buttery and JCR.  The whole site benefits from wifi including the gardens and lawns which are very popular for studying during the warmer days.


Music practice and performance 

Our new, state-of-the-art music practice rooms in the North Wing opened in 2019, and offer bright, spacious, sound-proofed spaces in which to practice alone or as part of a small group. Both practice rooms contain baby grand pianos, and the larger room also contains a 16-stop harmonium. There is also an adjacent music storage room, containing a double-bass and a drumkit as well as amps, speakers, etc. Other practice spaces are available in the Mary Allen Building, which also contains another music storage room containing a xylophone, a marimba and tubular bells. For more casual practice, there are also pianos in the JCR and MCR.

The North Wing Auditorium is used regularly for recitals, and the Great Hall is used for HCMS end-of-term concerts. Other rooms suitable for performances include the Paston Brown Room (containing a model 'O' Steinway piano) and the Fellows' Dining Room (which contains a one-manual harpsichord). The Charter Choir sings weekly Evensong at the Church of St John the Evangelist (opposite Homerton), and the church also has community rooms available to members of Homerton.


Exercise and sports facilities 

Homerton has a fully equipped gym that is free to use for all resident students, as well as a fitness studio which is available for ballet, contemporary dance, martial arts, yoga, as well as other activities. Recently, Homerton has expanded its sports facilities and now has new floodlit sports facilities at Homerton College Sports Ground off Long Road, a ten-minute walk away from the College. There is also a football pitch at the Hills Road site. 


Room bookings 

There are a number of rooms and spaces available in College for rehearsals, meetings and other events. To use the fitness studio, music rooms or the small studio/auditorium, you must fill out the booking forms and risk assessments on this page and send them to internalconferences@homerton.cam.ac.uk. Please also note that outdoor shoes are not allowed in the fitness studio.


I.T. Services at Homerton


Parking and Cars in Cambridge

There is limited parking available for students on the College site, and permits will only be issued to those who demonstrate a need to have their vehicle readily accessible to them. If you wish to apply for a College parking permit, you will need to complete the online application, and ensure you submit the relevant letter of support from either your GP or your College Tutor to dean@homerton.cam.ac.uk. If you are living within 10 miles of Great St Mary's Church you will also need to apply for a University Motor Licence. The Tutor's Note should be completed and forwarded to the Dean's Office on dean@homerton.cam.ac.uk for approval; this should not be sent to your tutor. Students will need to confirm they have access to an authorised parking space in order to obtain approval from the Dean.  Once you have received your signed Tutor's Note from the Dean, you will need to complete the online application when it opens on 2nd September.

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