Extra nights

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Please be aware of the following:

  • All extra nights must be booked and paid for online at least 5 working days before the first night is needed. If you miss the 5 working days deadline you will need to pay for your extra night(s) directly at the Finance Office. A late booking charge (per night) will apply to the normal room rate.
  • You are not guaranteed to be able to stay in your allocated room. Your extra nights may be booked for a different room in your current block, or in a different block.
  • You may have other people joining your household temporarily. 
  • Outside term time, normal services, such as cleaning and catering, may not be available as during term time. However, all College rules still apply - including signing visitors in and out on the visitors' book at the Porters' Lodge.
  • Any unauthorised extra nights will be charged a flat rate of £30.00 per night (regardless of the room occupied during term). No booking is confirmed until you receive an email from the Accommodation Officer.
  • Any unauthorised late departures will be reported to the Dean’s Office and will result in college community service.


Extra nights rates for 2022/2023

  • Non en-suite (D&E): £19.20
  • En-suite (WH, EH, SC, ABC, PR): £22.50
  • Harrison House:  £24.00
  • Morley House - Standard: £24.00
  • Morley House - Double: £33.00

Additional rates/fees:

  • Out of term rate (if less than 4 weeks and not connected to a residency contract): £30
  • Late booking fee (bookings made less that 5 days before the first night of stay): £2.50 per night in addition to the regular rate
  • Unauthorised stays: £30

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