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Homerton College, University of Cambridge

Graduating from the University of Cambridge

Your graduation is organised by the College, and provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate receiving your degree

Congratulations on completing your degree at Homerton College! Once you have met the requirements of your degree, you may graduate at a Congregation of the Regent House, which is a meeting of the legislative body of the University where specific University business takes place, including the awarding of degrees at Senate House. You have not graduated until your degree has been conferred upon you in a Congregation, either in person or in absentia, so you should register to graduate as soon as you become eligible. Only after your degree has been conferred will your degree certificate and official University transcript will be issued. If you graduate in absentia, this will be posted to you a few weeks after the ceremony date.

For further general information regarding Graduation, Certificates and Transcripts please see the relevant University website.


Congregation Dates 2023-2024 and 2024-2025
Homerton graduands may be presented in absentia at any Congregation held at Senate House, but may only be presented in person on specified dates. Upcoming dates for in-person events are below:
  • 23rd March 2024
  • MA congregation only
  • 27th April 2024
  • Postgraduate congregation*
  • 18th May 2024
  • in absentia only
  • 29th June 2024
  • General Admission*
  • 20th July 2024
  • Postgraduate congregation*
  • 30th November 2024
  • Postgraduate congregation*
  • 5th April 2025
  • MA congregation only
  • 3rd May 2025
  • Postgraduate congregation*
  • 5th July 2025
  • General Admission*
  • 26th July 2025
  • Postgraduate congregation*


* These are in-person, and guests are permitted in the Senate House. All events are subject to alteration or cancellation in accordance with any changes in guidelines.

For further detailed information regarding Graduation, Certificates and Transcripts please see the University website, for General information about congregations, contact the College Praelectors Secretary, Andrew Drain by e-mail

Please note Postgraduate students can only enter a congregation via a survey sent out by the Praelectors Secretary

Signing up for a ceremony

Undergraduate Students

Most undergraduate students receive their degrees at General Admission in late June/early July of each year. The Praelectors’ Secretary will contact undergraduate students once they are scheduled to graduate, with a survey providing further information about the ceremony, and details of how to register. If you are unable to attend General Admission, then you can sign up for another ceremony at a later date.

Guests are warmly welcomed, and there will be an opportunity on the survey to indicate how many guest places you would like to request. We are allocated two guest tickets to Senate House per graduand.

We appreciate that making travel and accommodation arrangements can be difficult, but would strongly advise against making any bookings until you have confirmation from the Praelectors’ Secretary of your place in a particular Congregation. Please note that if you have not settled your College and University bills then you will not be entered into a ceremony.

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students complete their courses at various times during the year, and there may well be a gap between receiving your degree results and attending a Congregation. Since graduation is organised by the College, the dates on which you are able to graduate are determined by Homerton and not by your Department/Faculty. Even if you receive confirmation of passing your course from your Department/Faculty, it can still take several days to become eligible to be entered for a ceremony.

The Praelectors’ Secretary will contact postgraduate students once they become eligible to graduate, and provide them with information about upcoming ceremonies, and with a survey link to complete to register your interest. Homerton postgraduate students cannot apply for place at a Congregation until they have received this email from the Praelectors' Secretary informing them they are eligible to graduate: please do not attempt to sign up yourself via CamSIS.

Guests are warmly welcomed, and there will be an opportunity on the survey to indicate how many guest places you would like to request. We are allocated two guest tickets to Senate House per graduand.

We appreciate that making travel and accommodation arrangements can be difficult, but would strongly advise against making any bookings until you have confirmation from the Praelectors’ Secretary of your place in a particular Congregation. Please note that if you have not settled your College and University bills then you will not be entered into a ceremony.

PGCE students do not graduate via Senate House but will receive information from the Faculty of Education about their own ceremony in June of each year.

If you are eligible for the Cambridge MA

You will be contacted by the Development Office when you first become eligible with details of your next available Congregation.

If you have already completed your studies

If you previously completed your studies, but did not graduate, or are eligible for the MA and have not yet had this degree conferred, please contact the Praelector’s Secretary.


On completion of studies, students can only access CamSIS via Extended Self-Service (ESS)

For further information regarding MA Congregations please contact the Development Office.


For further more detailed information regarding Graduation, Certificates and Transcripts please see the University website

Dress Code

The University’s academic dress consists of a gown and hood, made of a different material or in a different colour to denote either the wearer's existing degree or the degree they are about to receive. It is the responsibility of the graduand to order and collect their own gown and hood as directed by their outfitter. For General Admission only, gowns ordered from Ede & Ravenscroft will be delivered to the College.

Full dress codes can be downloaded from this webpage. Graduands receiving their first Cambridge degree wear the appropriate gown – in the case of undergraduates, their undergraduate gown – with the hood of the degree to be taken. The hoods clearly indicate the degrees sought by graduands. Under no circumstances should a gown of another institution or College be worn.

As graduation is a formal occasion, an appropriate standard of dress is expected. The dress code is strictly enforced at the ceremony and if you do not observe it, you may not be allowed to enter the Senate House and therefore will not permitted to graduate in person. You are also strongly advised not to leave your booking for your hood and gown to the last minute as outfitters may not be able to guarantee stock.

Dress Hire

You must place your order no later than three weeks before the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions About Congregation and Graduation

Ede & Ravenscroft

70-72 Trumpington Street

01223 861854 or 01223 350048

Ryder & Amies

22 King’s Parade

01223 350371

A.E. Clothier

7 Pembroke Street

01223 354339


Summary Flow Chart for Graduation Gowns


- Frequently Asked Questions:

How will you contact me about my Congregation?

The Tutorial Office will email both undergraduate and postgraduate students when they become eligible to graduate. Please ensure your preferred email address is updated on CamSIS so we know how to contact you. Alumni who become eligible to receive their MA will be emailed by the Alumni Office (please contact them directly to update your email address).

I am a postgraduate student, when can I graduate?

The Student Registry or your Degree Committee informs postgraduate students when they have been approved for their degrees. They will ask you to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have your degree conferred at the next Congregation, or thereafter.

What are the precise timings for the day?

Senate House can only let Colleges know a week before the ceremony the precise times they are expecting each College to go through. Once we are given these, we will look at our draft programme and adjust the timings (this will usually only be within an hour of our original estimation). At this point we will email out the Final Programme, so please ensure your contact details are kept up to date.

What shall I wear?

You should wear the appropriate academic dress for your status and degree, as outlined in the College’s dress code. It is the Praelector’s responsibility to ensure their College is presented at Senate House in the correct manner.

Please follow the Homerton dress code only: do not be tempted to copy friends from other Colleges, as there are small but important differences.

How do I get from Homerton to Senate House?

It is the responsibility of the graduand to organise their transport to the Senate House.

Different options of travel to the Senate House include:

  • by car (allowing time to park, especially on a Saturday)
  • buses that run from outside the College
  • a taxi that can be booked in advance and pick you up from outside the Porters’ Lodge
  • by bike
  • by scooter 
  • by foot
How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony is roughly one hour in length, but this can vary depending on the number of people being presented for degrees.

I would like to graduate in June, is that possible?

Eligible students for General Admission (in late June/early July) are BA, B.Th., M.Eng., M.Math and M.Sci only.

If I do not want to go through in person, what are the dates of the ceremonies I can be presented at in absentia?

The Cambridge University Website gives the dates of all upcoming Congregation ceremonies. If you would like to go through in absentia you should email the Praelectors’ Secretary and your name will be sent through to the Student Registry for your degree to be conferred at your chosen ceremony. Your degree certificate and official transcript will be posted from the Tutorial Office or Alumni Office approximately two weeks after the ceremony.

I have been feeling unwell or I am afraid I might be symptomatic?

Please refer to the Covid-19 Guidance for Students page for the latest advice.

  • Academic dress: the formal dress code for the graduation ceremony, which you must wear if you are attending in person.
  • Degree certificate: formal acknowledgement of the date on which you are awarded your degree.
  • Congregation: a meeting of the Regent House (in the case for the purposes of a graduation ceremony).
  • General Admission: the congregation when most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term. Only undergraduates (BA, B.Th., M.Eng., M.Math., and M.Sci) can be presented for their degrees at General Admission.
  • Graduand: the person graduating.
  • In absentia: ‘in absence’, i.e., receiving your degree without being present at the ceremony.
  • Praelector: The College Officer who will present you for your degree (in Latin).
  • Praelectors’ Secretary: the member of the Tutorial Office staff who provides administrative support for the Praelectors, and is in charge of all College arrangements related to graduations.
  • Regent House: The Governing Body of the University of Cambridge.
  • Senate House: the building where congregations take place, near to Great St Mary’s church.
  • To process: to walk in formation to the Senate House, usually down King’s Parade.
  • Transcript: the official record of your degree results.

Graduation dinner:

What is a graduation dinner?

It is a complementary dinner for undergraduates only, who are graduating at the GA.

When is the dinner?

This is always held on the evening (Friday) before the GA.

Do I need to book/pay for the graduation dinner?

You need to book via UPay but it is a complementary dinner

When do I book on UPay?

All those eligible will be sent an invitation with information on how to book from the Tutorial Office.

Can I attend the dinner, if I am applying for a 4th year?

No the dinner is for those graduating only, you can still book for the dinner but will be withdrawn from the dinner if you are successful with your application.

Am I allowed to bring family/friends to my graduation dinner?

The dinner is for Graduands only.

Can I cancel my graduation dinner booking?

Yes, either do not book on UPay or if you have already booked, please contact the Tutorial office ASAP to cancel.

Do I need to wear a gown?

No, gowns are optional, Dress code is lounge suits, or smart day wear.

International Students Visa Support:

I am an international student and I need a letter for my parents to confirm my graduation ceremony for visa purposes?

Please request a visa support letter online at least two weeks before your visa appointment. Please make sure you write specifically who you need the letter form including full names, dates of birth, and the country they will be applying from.

My Student Visa is about to expire, what do I do?

Please contact the International Student Office.

As an international student, can I graduate in absence (in absentia)?

Yes - you will need to email the Praelectors’ Secretary to register to graduate in absentia for your chosen congregation date. 

On which address does the college deliver my Certificate and official transcript?

You will have your certificate and official transcript delivered to the mailing address specified on your CamSIS account. You can update your mailing address using CamSIS Self-Service.

Graduation Accommodation

Can I book accommodation in College for my graduation?

For General Admissions, the residency agreements for all UG finalists include the date of graduation, so if you live in College you will be able to remain in your room until the morning after your graduation free of charge. For students living out of College we always reserve some rooms in West House which are bookable by contacting the Accommodation Office ( For other Congregations (i.e. Higher Degree) it is possible, but not guaranteed, that a room in College is available, please email to enquire on availability.

Can friends/family book Homerton accommodation?

College has a number of Guest Rooms managed by our conference office. If you wish to book a guest room for friends /family members you must to email

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