Tutorial Information and FAQs

Tutorial Office

The Tutorial Office is responsible for tutorial and admission enquiries, student accommodation and provides administrative support to students. The Tutorial Office is a direct link to the Senior Tutor, Graduate Tutors and Admissions Tutors.

Students are always welcome to drop in for information, advice and assistance in any area of College life, they can also contact the team by telephone or email. If you are not sure who to contact please see the guide below on who we are and how we can help.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm

Friday - 9am to 4.30pm

Please note

  • The office is closed daily for lunch from 12pm to 12.30pm
  • The Accommodation Officer works from 9am to 3.15pm. If you have any accommodation questions or requests, please come to the office during these times.
  • Members of the team are available to meet with you outside of these times by appointment.
Undergraduate Freshers Student Arrival

Please ensure you complete the tasks below:

Freshers Pre-arrival Checklist

Optional pre-arrival tasks (but we strongly recommend!)

Tasks for your first few days in college

    •  Connect to Eduroam
    •  Students on a Student Visa: Have your documents scanned in the Tutorial Office
    •  Open a UK bank account (if you don’t have one already) - If required, you can request a Bank Letter online
Postgraduate Offer-Holders

Many congratulations on being accepted as a member of Homerton College: we look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge soon!

Homerton has plenty to offer its postgraduate students - from academic opportunities to fantastic facilities and lively social activities - whether you will be studying here full-time or part-time, and whether or not you will be living on site. Below is some general information about the College in preparation for your arrival, as well as some specific details about accommodation and induction events for your particular course.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions please visit the information for postgraduate offer holders page

Students and Staff Cards

What to do if my card is Lost/Stolen/Faded/Chip not working/Broken; New card request

If you wish to order a new replacement card, please use the online form or visit the Tutorial Office


If you have lost your student/staff card, please come to the Tutorial Office to order a replacement, at a charge of £15.


If your card was stolen and you reported it to the police, please supply the crime reference number and your new card will be ordered free of charge.


If your card is fadedsnappedexpired, or not working, please hand it in to the Tutorial Office, and your new card will be ordered free of charge. If you do not have your card, it will be assumed to be lost, and you will need to pay the £15 replacement charge.


We will order the replacement for you and will email you when it has arrived. This is usually within one week.

Student Status letter

I need a letter to confirm I am a student, where can I get one?

If you require a letter confirming your student status for bank, travel or other purposes please complete the online student status request form . We will endeavour to process your request within two working days. Letters will be available for collection from your pigeonhole.

I need a council tax exemption certificate, where can I get one?

The names and addresses of all full-time students living in private accommodation will be sent to the Council they no longer require an exemption certificate.  Please ensure your term time address is updated on CamSIS (Self-Service) as this where we take data for the Council's list. 

I need a copy of my academic record/transcript, where can I get one?

If you require an academic record/transcript, please complete the online college transcripts request form

Student record


CamSIS is the University's comprehensive system for handling student information, records and transactions. As the official repository of a student’s record from application all the way through to graduation, it is used by staff, students and alumni to manage and extract student data. It is also the source of statutory governmental reports that secure the University’s funding.

I have moved, who do I need to give my new address to?

Please update your record via CamSIS Self-Service, and inform your faculty/department if advised to. 

Is it possible to change Tripos?

Students wishing to change Tripos should normally have a good 2.1 in a full Tripos (part 1 or part 1A) before transferring to a different Tripos. You should consult your Tutor and Director of Studies for your current and prospective Tripos. Each application will be considered by the Educational Policy Committee in July. The Tutorial Office will email students with the application form during the Lent term.

I am on the HSPS Tripos, and would like to change track, what should I do?

Please liaise with your DoS in the first instance. If the change is agreed by your DoS and Department, you must also inform the Tutorial Office to ensure that your records are updated.

I am thinking of intermitting, what should I do?

It is important to speak with your College Tutor in the first instance. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to meet with the Senior Tutor who will submit your application to the University Application Committee.


What is CamCORS?

CamCORS is the the Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting System for Supervisions (CamCORS) provides an online environment where supervisors can submit termly reports on their undergraduate supervisees. Once submitted, it also enables students to read their own supervision reports.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with CamCORS?

If you have any issues with CamCORS please contact: tutorial@homerton.cam.ac.uk

Supervision Rooms Booking

How to book a supervision room?

To book a supervision room, you must contact the supervisions officers on supervisions@homerton.cam.ac.uk. Please make sure in your email to specify the date and time of your booking.

Students can only request rooms for supervisions with the supervisor's permission and they must be copied into the booking request.

The following details must be provided.

  1. Date you require the room.
  2. Times to and from you require the room
  3. Subject
  4. Number of students attending
  5. If you would prefer a certain room, please let me know, we will always do our best to accommodate.
  6. If you would prefer any of the following (if possible)
    • Interactive screen
    • Wipe board
    • Flipchart
    • Just a room

International Students

Pre-arrival information

Information for new international students is all contained on the dedicated University website, which provides lots of useful advice on what to do before you get here, how to prepare to study, and support on arrival.


If you are studying on a student visa please make sure you read the University's information pages about healthcare for international students, which provides details of the immigration health surcharge. When you register with a General Practitioner (GP) or family doctor, you should take along evidence that you are a student in the UK, i.e. your passport, evidence of your address and your offer letter from the University. Once registered, you can use the NHS anywhere in Britain, unless it’s for a pre-existing medical condition for which you are receiving treatment. There is also a standard charge for medicines prescribed by a doctor.

You should always have a medical, teeth and eye check-up before you arrive in the UK. Not all prescription medication is available to NHS GPs. You should check before leaving your home country whether your regular medication is available on prescription in the UK. You should travel to the UK with sufficient medication to last until you have had a consultation with a GP. You are entitled to free National Health Service, as long as it is for the treatment of a condition that is not pre-existing before your entry to the UK. If you have any long-term health conditions or you are receiving medical treatment/taking medications, you should bring documentary evidence with you from your doctor. This should be in English and confirm your existing condition and/or any medication or treatment you are receiving. Your GP can then give you relevant information about clinics and prescriptions. GPs reserve the right not to prescribe certain medications and not all medication from outside the UK is available on the NHS. If you have specialised medication or you are in any doubt, you are advised to bring a supply with you. Even if you are entitled to free NHS treatment while in the UK, overseas students should consider taking out private medical insurance to cover potential health-related costs.

It is important that you are up-to-date with vaccinations against polio and tetanus [if you do not belong to a medical practice here, a tetanus vaccination could cost in excess of £30]; please see the latest vaccination information from the University. We also understand that you may be asked to undergo a brief routine health check, which may include a chest X-ray, as part of the immigration process at the airport, unless you have recent documentation covering this. See the UKCISA website for further information.

I am on a Tier 4 Visa, do I need to do anything?

If you are on a Tier 4 Visa, you are required to sign in at the Tutorial Office (contact point) within 7 days of the start of full term. The Tutorial Office will remind you when this is due.

My Tier 4 Visa is about to expire, what do I do?

Please contact the International Student Office, details can be found here.

Keeping nights

Can I go away for the weekend or in the week during term time?

Please see our important dates page for information about keeping full term.

The university regulations stipulate that all undergraduate students must remain in Cambridge for the term, until the official travel day. If a student has to leave early for any reason, they are only able to do so if they have sought permission from either their Tutor or Director of Studies, a record of this is then made.  Similarly, if you know that you will be arriving back at college for the new term after the travel day, you will need to request permission. Please note that many students will have mock exams scheduled for the start of the Lent Term, The Tutorial officer will be in contact once the Mock Exam schedule is finalised (check with your D.O.S if you are uncertain). Furthermore, we must stress that even if you have kept the required number of nights during this term, you still cannot leave Cambridge early or arrive late for the next term without permission.

Management Studies Tripos

What is the Management Studies Tripos?

The Management Studies Tripos is a one-year course that can be taken only by students who have already completed two or in some cases three, years of another Tripos at the University of Cambridge. It is not possible to take the Management Studies Tripos immediately on entry to Cambridge (i.e. in your first year).

How do I apply?

Applications are made via the Tutorial Office towards the end of the Lent term and offers are normally made by the Judge Business School in June. The Tutorial Office will contact all second and third year undergraduate students with full details in February.

Where can I find out more?

Further details are available on the Judge Business School website. The MST Programme Administrator Bella Stewart is also available to answer any questions you may have about the programme.

Alumni Inquiries

Former students

If you were previously a student at Homerton College, the Alumni team can help you with most queries, including booking to stay in college accommodation at the Alumni rate.

If you require a transcript, degree certificate, or proof of study (i.e. student status letter), please see “Transcripts and verifications” below.

Transcripts and verifications

How can I request a student status letter?

If you require verification of your studies, please request a Student Status Letter online. Status Letters confirm many essential details of your course and can be used for a variety of purposes.


If you require a replacement transcript or degree certificate, please check the process below:


Undergraduate courses (other than B.Ed): If you need a transcript or a replacement degree certificate, please contact the University.


B.Ed course: Degree certificates are ordered via the University, but transcripts are requested online via the college.


PGCE courses: please see the Faculty of Education website to request a replacement transcript


Postgraduate courses: should contact their relevant Faculty/Department.


Current students can request a College Transcript online.

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