Dinner with a Leader: Rupert Baines, Serial Entrepreneur

We are excited to host serial entrepreneur Rupert Baines on 17 May 6.30 to 9pm for  our Dinner with a Leader roundtable discussion. .

Rupert is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Codasip and previously he is a founder of several technology companies which exited successfully (as well as a number which did not!). Most recently he was CEO of UltraSoC, which he took from struggling academic spinout to success, selling to Siemens in summer 2020 - a deal done wholly over Zoom over lockdown. His broad work experience also includes strategy consultancy. He is a Fellow of the IET, holds degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Hull and an MBA from IESE

Full of energy and ideas, Rupert will share his understanding of the context of start-ups, how start-ups drive change & innovation, the challenges of forming and growing a start-up and then the transition to scale up and growth stage.

Don't miss out on listening to a seasoned entrepreneur who has been there and done that and who is willing to share both his success and war stories! 

The numbers will be capped at 22 to enable a good roundtable discussion. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis! 

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Rupert Baines

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