Entrepreneurialism, Innovation & Intrapreneurialism: A Virtual Residential 

What is the programme about?

This programme is for anyone who has ever thought ‘that could be done better’. ‘What we need here is..'. ' I could do that’.

Entrepreneurialism is sometimes seen as becoming a Founder, competing to start a company, or building a social enterprise. And it can be that. It can also be a new word for an old aptitude - building something, changing something, making something happen, in any sphere - from arts to business to ideas and service.

What exactly is an entrepreneur? What are the challenges faced in an entrepreneur’s journey? When and how do you innovate? Is it only about becoming a Founder? Or a CEO? How about leading change from within an organisation? What do you need? Creativity, perspective, networks, champions, emotional intelligence, strategy? And how do you build those? Is it all about you? What about collaboration? What is success in this context? How do you become not only effective but more effective at the right, most meaningful, things? And where does this fit in terms of the uncertain, challenging context of climate emergency and massive social change?

This 2-day intensive will help you ask better questions and equip you with new thinking and skills: how to ‘get good’ at enterprising change and changemaking. The programme moves from the personal to the practical and covers models of entrepreneurialism, including frugal innovation, intrapreneurialism, social innovation and leadership. As always, it doesn’t promise answers but instead works to challenge your thinking, assumptions and questions. You’ll get to do this via hands-on Changemaker experience with interested and generous peers, and access to experienced coaches and Faculty.

Guest Faculty include:

  • Dr Belinda Bell, Programme Director of Cambridge Social Ventures, at the Cambridge Judge Business School Centre for Social Innovation.
  • Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
  • Fiona Nielsen, Founder CEO, Repositive
  • Dr Jessica OCampos, Founder CEO, Camnexus
  • Davide Turi, Co-Founder, Studio Zao
  • Dr Chibeza Agley, CEO, Obrizum Group
  • Dr Alison Wood, Academic Director, Homerton Changemakers

Join a select group of fellow Homerton students, world-class programme faculty, mentors and coaches for a two day programme designed to challenge how you work, think, and live. 

*Places are strictly limited & awarded by application.


How it works

During the Lent 2-day Virtual Residential you’ll encounter webinars; small and large group discussions; your own coaching circle; film; focused self-reflection; extensive online resources and references; and opportunities to work with first-rate Faculty: business leaders, scholars, coaches, philanthropists and innovators. You’ll also have access to a suite of Changemaker online materials and chat channel, available for the rest of the academic year

* Pre-sessional work and virtual introductions opens on the week of 22nd February 2021, including meeting your coaching circles (5 - 6 fellow participants in each group).

*NOTE: For the coaching circle, we ask you keep 3pm to 8pm on 17th March free to have your first coaching circle meeting with your group. You can decide the one hour slot during this time amongst your group members.


Both days will run:

  • 10am -1pm online
  • 1pm - 5pm primarily offline (with 1 hour coaching circle tba)
  • 5pm - 6pm online
  • with an evening session 7.30pm -10pm on Monday


More Detailed Information 

The programme is intentionally intensive and immersive, designed to maximise the depth of experience and the insights you will gain. We ask that you commit to participating fully during the two days. Not all of the sessions will be online (you will have offline reading to do) - and there will be breaks! - but the benefits you gain will be truly concomitant with what you put in. Please keep this in mind. 

During the Residential

Each student will be asked to complete a journal (either video, visual, text or combination of the above) 

You will need access to a computer, stable wifi or phone connection, and ideally somewhere that is sufficiently quiet so  you can concentrate on sometimes personal matters. If equipment and/or space is likely to be problematic, please get in touch with us.  

Options Following the Residential:

  • Eligibility to apply for the Changemaker Summer Challenge in 2022 for funds of up to £500 to pursue your own, changemaking project
  • Invitation to become a Changemaker Ambassador 2021/22
  • Access to all Changemaker programmes 2020/21
  • Access to the Residential chat channel for the rest of the academic year
  • Access to Changemaker online and community

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