The Homerton Changemaker Prize

Deadline to Apply: 5 Oct 2023 5pm

0:00, 29 September 2023 - 17:00, 5 October 2023

The Changemaker Prize recognises Homerton students who have made a significant difference for social good during their time at College...

..whether through volunteering, enabling others, starting initiatives, or advocating for change in the systems in which they work.

In this context ‘significant difference for social good’ is interpreted broadly. For example:

  • making positive social or cultural impact at College, in an organisation, Department/Faculty, or community
  • making a positive change that benefits peers in or beyond Cambridge
  • initiating or building a community-based project, social venture, start up or other enterprise 
  • volunteering in or assisting existing organisations
  • advocating or campaigning
  • writing or artistic practice

This isn’t an exhaustive list - anything you think has made a difference for good can be proposed!

This year two prizes worth £500 each will be awarded to any current Homerton students for activity during their time at Cambridge. The  prizes are proudly supported by Homerton Changemakers and OBRIZUM Group


Nominate/Apply here by 5 October


Qualities recognised by the prize include:

  • leadership - what have you made possible, changed, or enabled?
  • vision - how have your actions expressed the vision you have for change?
  • context & reach - what is the scope of your work eg: what organisations, communities or groups have you worked with? Who has been involved?
  • effectiveness & quality - what has your work achieved? How has it affected others? What potential does your work still have to make a difference? Are there markers of esteem or recognition you could share?
  • [n.b. the activities do NOT have to be Homerton based or affect the Homerton community]

Describing the effects of the kinds of activities listed above can sometimes be challenging. In the application process we ask nominees, or those or who are nominating them, to give concrete examples wherever possible of the work done and the influence it has had. 

Two prizes will be awarded annually, and winners will be awarded their prize at Homerton's annual Foundation Dinner in Michaelmas. 



The Changemaker Prize is open to all current Homerton students, including those completing their programmes in 2023, regardless of their level of engagement with the Changemakers programme. We feel this is an important part of recognising the diverse ways that people and communities work to enable positive change. 


Judging Process

Applications will be judged by a panel comprising two College Fellows and a member of the Changemakers Steering Group.  

Nominations will be assessed using the criteria above:

  • leadership 
  • vision
  • context & reach 
  • effectiveness & quality

The winners will be informed in early October and invited to the Foundation Dinner (late October 2023) to accept their prizes. 

Nominate/Apply here by 5 October