The Gym is open 24/7 to all Homerton students

Membership and fees 

The Homerton Gym is open to current undergraduates, graduates, Fellows and residents. Membership is currently on an annual basis.

For resident students, the membership is included in the terms rent. The Annual membership for students living out of college is £50. You can pay direct to Finance or by UPAY. If you are interested in joining the gym, please find attached the Gym Application Form.

Student gym application form

Please complete and submit this form. Once submitted and approved, your University Card will be activated for the gym doors. Please note: Most forms will be processed within 1 working day but may take up to 3. You MUST be a current student or member of staff at Homerton College to apply. You will also be required to watch the gym induction video.



Data protection 

Homerton College uses the CRSID on this form to activate access to the gym and communicate on occasion with members. No other data is collated. These forms are retained for the declaration in electronic format for one year after the gym membership expires. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires Homerton College to obtain your agreement before this can be done. In signing this form, you are giving consent for your personal and sensitive information to be processed under rules and safeguards laid down by the 1998 Act. Homerton College has procedures in place to ensure that all information held about you will be dealt with confidentially and held securely. 


Health and safety 

  • The Main Gym is open 24 hours, except for the weights room which will be 7am to 10pm and is unmanned. CCTV cameras are monitored at the Porters Lodge and there is an emergency telephone to the Lodge. 

  • Use of the facilities and all sports equipment is undertaken entirely at the members' own risk and members must satisfy themselves that they have taken reasonable precautions. When training be sure not to overstrain yourself. Stop using the equipment and seek advice immediately if you feel unwell or any unusual strain whilst exercising. 
  • All those using the gym must have watched the induction video. If you are unsure as to how to use any piece of equipment you must seek advice from the HUS Sports Officer who will arrange for an induction. 
  • You must not use the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol or other drugs/medication that may affect your ability to exercise safely. 
  • Any problems or emergencies are reported to the Porters Lodge on 47111
  • Any damage of faults with the equipment must be reported to the Estates helpdesk on 47020
  • Failure to abide by the rules may result in the suspension of access/membership. 


Behaviour and courtesy

  • Members are expected to behave in a responsible manner and leave the equipment and facilities in a clean and tidy state. 
  • Dumbbells should be re-racked after use and not used with other equipment, such as treadmills. 
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing are to be worn for all sessions. If you bring mud/dirt into the gym, use the dustpan and brush to clean up immediately. 
  • Members should bring a towel to use to protect benches and wipe down equipment after use. Paper towels will also be available. 
  • Bags and personal items may be stored in the changing room and must be removed at the end of each session. Items left behind will be removed. 
  • No food or drink, other than water, may be taken into the gym. 
  • Music and noise must be kept to a reasonable level as to not disturb those in the offices above the gym. 



  • The area of the gym containing rowing machines and free weights will be closed between 11pm and 6am for safety reasons. Users should also allow any members of the College sports teams to train together and have priority over equipment in this area. 
  • Opening times and access may be subject to reasonable change where necessary for operational reasons, such as maintenance and cleaning and if the Porters Lodge has limited staffing. 
  • Members must not allow non-members to use the gym or to borrow their access card.
  • Please do not leave doors open. 


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