Accident, Incident and Near Miss Reporting and Investigation forms

Part A – to be completed by person taking the initial report.

Complete part A of this form for accidents, incidents, near miss and dangerous occurrences which occur on College premises and involve students, Fellows, staff, visitors or contractors. The use of photographs helps to bring context to your report and can save long descriptions.


Part B – to be completed by the person nominated to undertake the follow up / investigation

  • All accidents, incidents and near misses that occur on College premises must be investigated.
  • Use photographs to assist the production of your report.
  • It is the potential consequences and the likelihood of the event recurring that should determine the level of investigation not simply any injury or ill health suffered. The findings from an investigation may point to areas of risk assessments which need to be reviewed. They may also form the basis of an action plan to prevent the accident or occurrence from happening again. Further guidance on investigation can be obtained from Homerton College’s Health and Safety Advisor or found on the Health and Safety Executive website