Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

MIND’s Mentally Healthy Universities Programme

Homerton is pleased to be taking part in MIND’s Mentally Healthy Universities Programme. Mental Health Champions in the workplace take action to raise awareness of mental health problems amongst staff and challenge mental health stigma.

Mental Health Champions

  • Caroline Bobb-Semple (Bobbie) - Conference
  • Caroline Bradshaw - Bursary
  • Emma Themba - HUS
  • Billy Kerry - Porter’s Lodge
  • Ray de Allende - Porter’s Lodge
  • Nicola Albert - Admissions
  • John Byrne - Building Services
  • Jane Mumford - Changemakers
  • Jane Warwick - Bye-Fellow
  • Helen Demetriou - Bye-Fellow


University Counselling Service 

Homerton College is able to refer its staff for counselling with the Staff Counselling Centre. The first step is to approach your HR office, College Wellbeing Coordinator or College Nurse and enquire about the possibility of counselling.

University of Cambridge Staff Counselling Services

Members of staff can contact the HR Manager for a referral.  This is a free confidential service if referred through the college, or can be accessed individually by staff members for a fee. 


Calm Space

Are you feeling stressed, anxious and worried, or low in mood and energy….?

The University Staff Counselling Centre invites you to join Calm Space - an online support session which will use relaxation, mindfulness practice and other restorative techniques to help you manage the stresses and strains of daily life. For more information click here.


Disabled Staff Network

The Disabled Staff Network is open to staff who identify as disabled, have long-term health conditions, identify as neurodivergent, or support colleagues or care for someone who is disabled or has a long-term condition, or who want to know more.  Click here to find out more and to join the network


Bite-sized guide for employees

The quality of our mental health affects how we think, feel and act in all aspects of our life, including our physical health and relationships among other things. That’s why it is essential for us to talk openly about it and do what we can to actively support our own wellbeing.

There are many things that can cause our mental health to decline, both at work and outside of it; from an unmanageable workload, to a lack of managerial support or
financial difficulties, to a breakdown of a relationship or a decline in our physical health. Some of us may already have a diagnosed mental health condition, some can be afraid to seek help or may not know where to start, and others may not even realise they are suffering with mental ill-health. Whatever your situation, your mental health is of immeasurable value, which is why understanding the quality of it is very important. So this guide provides some insightful mental health and wellbeing takeaways for you to consider and explore.

The following mental health awareness videos can be viewed by following the link below:

The 5 Pillars of Resilience
What is anxiety?
What are Mental Health First Aiders? Why are they important?
The iHASCO Breathing Tool
The shocking statistics surrounding Mental Ill-Health


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Top 10 tips for wellbeing

Top 10 tips for wellbeing

Mental Health Champions

Bobbie Bobb-Semple

Hi everyone, Bobbie here (officially Caroline but that’s a whole other story).  Anyway, I am in charge of the Conference department here in College and you can find me at the top of the Cavendish stairs on the second floor if needed.  I’m here every day but often heavily booked in meetings much of the time so maybe drop me a quick line/call to make sure I am free to give you the attention you deserve.  I have many years personal experience of living with someone who experiences mental health issues (as my son, who is on the Autistic spectrum, often struggles with various elements of life) and working through some of my own struggles as a woman with the many challenges of daily life.  99% of the time, I’m a positive, enthusiastic and approachable person who a lot of people in College talk to anyway, so I want to use that to give something back.

As a bi-racial woman, a single mum and a registered carer for an elderly relative, as well as having lived in and travelled through multiple countries, I can offer a plethora of life experience gained throughout my 50 something plus (secret 😊) years of life.  The classic cliché “a people person”, who genuinely likes other humans - I am a good listener so I’m told and I promise to listen with an open mind to whatever is bothering you.  Come find me and let’s have a chat.  I can help you find the support needed if that turns out to be more than a conversation.

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