College Tutors

A Tutor is responsible for the general welfare of students in their care and represents them in many of their official contacts with the University. Key responsibilities of Tutors (some of which are shared with Directors of Studies and other members of the College staff) include the following:

  • Introducing new students to Cambridge and College life
  • Meeting tutees at the beginning and end of each term
  • Maintaining social contact with students throughout their time at Cambridge
  • Encouraging students to take advantage of the full range of opportunities available to them and to develop transferable skills
  • Helping to deal with personal problems
  • Assistance with special needs and disabilities (advice, signposting for practical support)
  • Provision of advice on identifying and obtaining financial assistance
  • Liaison with University Faculties and Departments
  • Requests for permission to be absent from Cambridge
  • Advice about complaints and appeals
  • Advice about possible change of Tripos or suspension of courses
  • Advice on study methods and support in the event of difficulties with courses or Supervisors
  • Initial careers advice, help with CVs and provision of references

Tutors are available to advise their students on these and on any other matters; if they cannot help they usually know someone or some organisation that can. Tutors can be contacted by email to arrange appointments. In most cases, students will remain with the same Tutor throughout their studies. 

Tutors at Homerton College

Tutors for Undergraduate Students

Tutors for undergraduate students will usually be from a different subject area to the student’s own.  The Senior Tutor is also available to see any student by appointment (please contact the Assistant to the Senior Tutor via  For academic matters, students should keep in contact with their Director of Studies, but the Tutor can be contacted with any personal or financial problems.  It is very important to inform your Tutor as soon as you can if a medical issue or difficulty occurs that could impact on your study or exam performance.

See the Undergraduate Tutors page for contact details.

Tutors for Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students will be allocated a Tutor prior to arrival at the College, who will be able to assist with any personal, financial or work-related problems.  There are specific tutors for PGCE students and those on part-time Master's courses. Melanie Keene ( is the Lead Postgraduate Tutor at Homerton and can be contacted if you are unable to contact your allocated Tutor. It is very important to inform your Tutor as soon as you can if a medical issue or difficulty occurs that could impact on your study or research.

See the Postgraduate Tutors page for contact details.

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