Catherine Brown on Homerton, cricket and graduating

A life changing year

By Jenny Ridge 2min read

Catherine graduated on Saturday 29 April, amongst many other incredible members of our society. She took the time to tell us her story - her life before and after Homerton, and what's makes the College so special.

When I was at Homerton I studied an MBA and since graduating I have begun working at McKinsey & Co., as an Associate specialising in Private Equity Healthcare. Beyond this, only time will tell, but I'm enjoying where I am now and excited to see what the future holds!

Before coming to Homerton I was working as a Hospital Pharmacist in Australia, and did some teaching and research in pharmacy on the side.

When I first applied I was hesitant to tell my friends and colleagues, as I thought my chances of being accepted were so slim. This graduation is the celebration of a lot of hard work, setting aside self doubt, and a life changing year.

There are many things to love about Homerton. The College grounds and facilities are stunning. What isn't so clear on the surface, is the incredible people within it. Everyone is friendly and supportive. From the students, to the tutorial and leadership staff, to the cleaners, there is always someone there for a chat, some table tennis in the MCR, a cheeky Homerton at the Griff, a BBQ outside Morley, or, on the bad days, a shoulder to cry on. It really is the atmosphere and people that make Homerton so special.

The College also provides a strong foundation and opportunity to explore what the University of Cambridge has to offer. Sports are a large part of the University culture and are great to get involved in, whether it's playing or watching a Varsity match, rowing for your College in the May Bumps, or trying out something new, there really is something for everyone. For me, I jumped at the chance to play cricket, a sport I have always loved but never had much opportunity to play. It offered me the chance to develop my skills outside of my academic work, build relationships with a heap of great girls who I wouldn't have otherwise met, and be selected in the Blues squad for the Varsity match at Lords.