Tina Fahm, MSt Entrepreneurship

Respice Finem

By Jenny Ridge 2min read

Tina is one of our wonderful students who graduated on Saturday 29 April. Here she reflects on her academic journey and life at Homerton and looks forward to her future endeavours.

While at Homerton I completed a Master of Studies (MSt) degree at Judge Business School in entrepreneurship. The focus of my dissertation was the internationalisation of UK SMEs in Africa. From my research, I discovered that many firms were struggling to scale their otherwise successful businesses due to the skills deficit across the continent. 

In response to these findings, I have set up a workforce development company that delivers skills training to support investors in Africa through AI-Powered programmes for their employees in local African languages.

As well as my Mst. I have a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Politics and a master's degree in Politics and Administration, from the University of London. My career to date has mostly been in oversight and scrutiny roles in the wider public sector. From 2004 to 2010, I was Legal Services Commissioner for the Eastern region (based in Hills Road, Cambridge) responsible for ensuring ‘Access to Justice’ through legal aid. Before I started the MSt. I served as a commissioner for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) and was one of three people responsible for the oversight of the UK aid budget reporting to Parliament on beneficiary impact and value for money for taxpayers.

My two previous degrees were obtained by evening classes while working full-time as a single parent. It never occurred to me that I would ever have an opportunity to attend an institution like the University of Cambridge so this graduation means a lot. I have enjoyed my studies, and being part of a dynamic learning environment in which I have had an opportunity to learn from my peers and contribute in ways that have been of value to others. 

The experience has strengthened my commitment to lifelong learning and widening access for people to engage in education in later life.

My favourite thing about Homerton is the College motto “Respice Finem”, Look to the end. 

During my studies, the COVID pandemic had a devastating impact on my business and a year later my beloved father died. It was a tough time and I seriously considered withdrawing to concentrate on sorting my life out. However, Homerton supported me throughout that dark period and the College motto served as a constant reminder of the importance of forbearance and resilience in difficult times. 

As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about inclusivity in education and determined to leave a positive legacy through my future endeavours. 

I am confident that Homerton’s motto will remain an enduring guide to help me achieve this.