What mark will you make?

The GameChangers programme is open for applications

By Matthew Moss 2min read

Being at university – especially straight from school – is a time for self-exploration.  The big questions a student can ask of themselves during their university career can be life-changing: How are you going to live? What matters most to you?  What mark do you want to leave in the world?

A new programme from Homerton Changemakers – called “GameChangers” – is open for applications.  It runs from January to June 2023, and is designed for those who want to know how to lead positive change in the systems that govern our lives – systems of finance, politics and power.  It is an immersive and challenging experience focused on principled and effective leadership. 

“Leadership means knowing something of your deep motivations and your power.  It means having serious tools in your kit for getting things done, including relationship building, influence, knowing where levers of change really are”

There are 20 student places on the programme.  Participation is free and is open to Homerton students and recent alumni.  Two places are generously supported by funding from the Toucan Project, dedicated to ‘building better lives’ and to redressing disadvantage. 

GameChangers will be taught by external experts as well as Homerton academics – people who are committed to changing their own field.

The programme uses the concept of “Regenerative Leadership”.  Dr Alison Wood,  Academic Director of Homerton Changemakers and the GameChangers course leader, explains:  “Regenerative Leadership acknowledges a connection with others and the world: always taking consequences for other and for wider society into account.  Everything really is connected!”

The idea of global connection will be explored far from Cambridge, on a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall, whose mission is “to create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.”

Echoing the structure of the parent programme, Homerton Changemakers, GameChangers will take students through understanding the Self, learning about Tools to get things done, and ending with the Global View: the connection with society.

Prospective participants should apply by midday on 14 December 2022.