Homerton Changemakers Catalyst Fund Winners 2024

By Mel Parkin 7min read

Catalyst Fund Initiative

Homerton Changemakers is dedicated to equipping young individuals with essential life-skills, tools and resources to be able to make real and positive change in the world.

Now in its third year, the Changemaker Catalyst Fund Initiative continues to ignite change. Homerton students who envision enterprises, products, or initiatives geared towards amplifying public good and societal impact were provided with an exceptional opportunity to secure up to £2,000 in Catalyst funding, complemented by hands-on mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and leaders through industry partner Cambridge Wireless and from Homerton’s own alumni community.

The groups were encouraged to explore the possibility of using technology to achieve their aims. From numerous exceptional entries, six winning groups were selected. From healthcare innovations to projects that strive to improve education and equality, the students and partners from these winning teams have started truly impactful and innovative change-making projects.

Homerton Changemakers is grateful to Cambridge Wireless for their continuing support of this project, TTP and  ARU for sponsoring two of the Catalyst Fund prizes and again to TTP for being the key sponsor for the showcase event taking place on Thursday 3rd October 2024.

Read more about the winning groups below.


The 2024 Changemakers Catalyst Fund Winning Teams