Micah Patterson

By Laura Kenworthy 2min read

Born in Australia, with Indigenous and Anglo-Australian heritage, Micah moved to the UK aged six and grew up in North-West London. When Micah and his partner Jami became parents two weeks before Micah's A level exams, their academic pathways were significantly challenged. But, after a year out spent working as a lab technician and caretaker in his former school while adjusting to parenthood, Micah gained a place at Homerton to read Music.

"Family accommodation wasn’t typically available to undergraduate students at Homerton. We looked at private housing to no avail – we had four things counting against us as far as potential landlords were concerned: I was to be a full-time student, we had a young child, were in receipt of government support, and had no salaried employment. Given the extenuating circumstances, the Senior Tutor stepped in and offered us vacant accommodation typically offered to postgraduates and Fellows."

The opportunity to rent College accommodation transformed the prospect of student life. Living on-site meant that Micah could pursue his academic ambitions while playing a full and active role in co-parenting his daughter, Aubrey, and participating in extra-curricular opportunities.

"I can't say my life was typical to other students. But I was grateful to have the opportunity to sing in the Charter Choir, musically direct the Homerton Jazz Orchestra (HoJO), and engage in a range of other societal events, ensembles, and performance opportunities."

After completing his undergraduate degree in 2020, Micah stayed on at Homerton to study for an MPhil, with which he graduates this weekend. Now a doctoral student at Homerton, Micah is working towards a PhD in emergent musics, looking at UK hip-hop forms and, more specifically, gospel drill for evangelical practice and worship.

Meanwhile, following the birth of their second child Austin almost two years ago, Jami is now pursuing her academic ambitions. Over the summer, the couple celebrated their marriage with immediate family opposite Homerton at St John the Evangelist's Church.

Micah credits both Homerton’s support, and the endless encouragement of Jami and their family for his achievement of his academic ambitions.

 "I have been set on a lifetime’s journey, an academic pathway which would have been impossible had it not been for the profound and life-changing provision, pastoral care, and opportunities Homerton has offered me. I am honoured to call myself a Homertonian.”