Research Day at Harris Manchester College, Oxford

By Matthew Moss 2min read

Homerton's research students got together with their dark blue counterparts on Saturday 27th May at our sister College, Harris Manchester, Oxford, for the sixth joint Research Day.

Twelve students - six from Homerton - presented to their peers, on topics from "Small non-coding RNA dysregulation in Germ Cell tumours" to "Instructional leadership in Sarawak and its effects on student achievement".

Dr Melanie Keene, Postgraduate Tutor at Homerton, said the Research Days "showcase the innovative, challenging, and diverse research topics of the Oxbridge postgraduate community".

Jack Birch of Homerton presenting on health inequalities

Harris Manchester in Oxford and Homerton in Cambridge share a liberal, pioneering ethos, and share too many aspects of their history - both have their origins in the Dissenting Academies, both moved from London to Cambridge in the 1890s, later becoming full Colleges of their respective universities.  

Charles Wellbeloved, an alumnus of Homerton Academy when it was in London, became the Principal of Harris Manchester for 37 years from 1803; the current Principals of each institution are Honorary Fellows of the other.   

The full list of student presentations:

Nicole Machado (HMC): Targeting cell metabolism to alter the tumour microenvironment.

Two Homerton research students

Sean Laidlaw (Homerton): Small non-coding RNA dysregulation in Germ Cell Tumours

Alexandra Loedin (HMC): Alternative non-homologous end-joining: an alternative method of targeting BRCA1/2-deficient cancers

Elizabeth Figueroa-Juarez (Homerton): Extracellular matrix remodelling in brown adipose tissue: friend or foe?

Jack Birch (Homerton): Are there inequalities in behavioural interventions for obesity?

Jan Hendricks (HMC): Monetary Imperialism and the Money Form of Value: The Case of the 2022-23 Ghanaian Debt Crisis.

Nopparuj Chindasombatcharoen (Homerton) Behavioural aspects of technology transfer: Evidence from smallholder farmers and the agri-food sector 

Marcellus Korompis (Harris Manchester): Improving the protective characteristics of a promising Tuberculosis vaccine candidate

Xingyan Liu (Homerton): Online MOOC tutors’ perceptions of their roles: a new profession in China

Robert Gullifer (HMC) ‘Entrusted by Providence’: Anglican separatism in nineteenth-century Naples and Palermo.

Jarrod Sio (Homerton) Instructional leadership in Sarawak and its effects on student achievement

Rupa Nolan (HMC) The Occult Arts In Celestial Address: Contemporary Female Artists in Post-Modern Theological Practice