Homerton Changemakers Virtual Residentials

'Virtual Residential' Programme 2021/22

2-day intensives, each focused on a theme -  leadership, entrepreneurialism, empowering your mind.  For a sense of how a residential works, download the programme on this page, or have a look at some previous events.

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Mind Management 23rd & 24th March, 2022

..focusing on mind management for the modern world. Many of us have busy, stressful lives and we also face huge planetary challenges in the form of climate emergency and pandemic disease. A major part of succeeding in this world -and making positive, profound change- is how you manage your perspectives & emotions, your thought-processes & internal narratives. Come and empower your mind for success & wellbeing. 


Communicate: Disrupt: Transform 2nd & 3rd Dec, 2021

focuses on Communications for a diffuse, disrupted era. What do you say and why? How do you say it? How do you build a campaign? What tools are the best to use, and in what context? How do you build a compelling story? Why is that important? How do you communicate well with others? Are the assumptions you hold about how and why you communicate the best sort? (Spoiler: they might not be).


'Not Your Usual Leadership' Programme 30th June and 1st July 2021

Leadership here means authentic capacity for making things happen, demonstrating possibility, and offering a vision of something that is needed, interesting, or different. It’s about shaping things quietly and loudly, via many platforms or via one. It can be small or not-small. It can be about a community or a job or even social system-change. It rarely means being out in front by yourself, as common as that message is. It often means being part of many complex processes and a plurality of expectations. It also often means really knowing your perspective and deep values, including the things you’re not always aware of.


Entrepreneurialism, Innovation & Intrapreneurialism 23rd & 24th March 2021

An immersive virtual residential focused on honing your skills in building 'something from nothing', drawing on various models of innovation; exploring tools essential for leadership, and meeting standout entrepreneurs, guest faculty and coaches.


Changemaker: 101 Virtual Mini-Residential 28th & 29th Sep 2020

A 2-day programme for Homerton students who want to make sustainable, profound change. The world needs people able to facilitate wise thinking and action at every level - personal, societal, global. Changemakers is built around the powerful yet simple idea that this is possible given the right conditions. It’s also built on the idea that there is more to be done: that we’re not usually taught how to see complexity with clarity, how to make decisions under duress, how to really connect with others. This workshop will help you develop better questions, challenge limiting assumptions, improve listening, and understand the qualities of changemaking (tools, attributes, mindsets), from making a pitch to getting to deep collaboration quickly. 

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