What does Changemakers offer me?

Q. What does Changemakers offer me?



  • Changemaker programmes are practical: the skills & leadership you develop will help you build your own initiative/become an effective intrapreneur in NGOs, civic leadership, arts/become an employee of choice...
  • You’ll adopt an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, a frame of mind essential for thriving in work, system-change, and in life
  • You’ll deepen your capacity for building equality, diversity and justice now and in the future
  • You’ll grow and develop the attributes of compassion, empathy and self-awareness, attributes crucial for your own thriving and for whole-system survival
  • You’ll gain excellent leadership skills & perspectives above and beyond the academic excellence you’re already building
  • You’ll find the space to reflect on yourself, becoming more self-aware and more aware of your relationship to what is happening in the world 
  • You’ll develop your well-being mindset and see how that can lead to profound social change too
  • You’ll acquire practical skills to be future ready: mentoring, pitching, communicating, leadership, collaboration, digital reputation, problem-solving, influencing, systems-thinking, green finance
  • You’ll develop and expand your networks across different disciplines as you interact with Changemakers students from different backgrounds, levels and subject expertise;  and meet interesting people - business leaders, artists, philanthropists, civic leaders, funders (eg: in the virtual residentials, or mentoring scheme)
  • You’ll be more aware of the real world of ‘job searching’ and business networks outside your academic group
  • You’ll receive support and mentoring for ‘changemaking’ projects you want to initiate or lead

Q. What happens?


The programme is structured around the Changemaker trio of SELF, SOCIETY, WORLD: an annual 6-day residential (the week before Michaelmas term) and three 1-day virtual residentials at the end of each term. SELF (Dec), SOCIETY (March), WORLD (June).

Because the programme is modular you can come to as few or as many residentials as you wish. 

Alongside this are opportunities to grow your skill, meet others and develop changemaking initiatives: via Tuesday Conversations, roundtablesmentoring, a  project catalyst fundworkshops and socials, and a student ambassador scheme.

You're welcome to engage with any of these events even if you've not attended a residential. The only exception is the catalyst fund: you're asked to engage with at least two Changemaker elements (eg. a residential, the mentoring scheme, Tuesday conversations) before applying. 


Q. When & Where does it happen?


Changemaker events happen during term time and just before/after, with both online and face to face events in College.

Q. How do I get involved?


Sign up to an event, join the mailing list, drop in on a Tuesday conversation in term (5.15, Griffin Bar)!

Q. Do I have to come to all the events? Is there a programme I have to commit to?


Changemaker is entirely modular. You can come to as little or as much as you like and with a few exceptions (such as becoming a Student Ambassador) there are no minimum requirements. 


Q. Who can be involved?


Any current Homerton Student or recent alumni (<5 years)

Q. Who teaches and facilitates Changemaker programmes?


Guests from within the University and beyond - civic leaders, philanthropists, business people, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, writers, coaches, Olympians, funders. All curated by the Changemakers Team.

Q. Are there grades or exams?


No. Never. Changemakers is about your journey both now and in the longer term: it’s non-competitive and an invitation to develop your full self without external assessment.

Q. What does it cost?


Changemaker programmes are free to all students.

Q. Can I get a certificate?


At this stage we don’t offer a certificate but it’s something we hope to do soon. For now, we offer a 2-line description of Changemakers for your CV/LinkedIn profile etc. 


Q. Is it the same programme every year?


We run the same core programme every year. Some workshop topics, guests, and details of content change each year, but the overall aims and structure of the programme remain.

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