CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Homerton College adapts CRS strategies for our customers to make informed decisions. We aim for continuous improvement in the following areas.

Customer Service

We strive to deliver excellent and consistent levels of customer service. We achieve this by ensuring all our staff are fully trained, our facilities are regularly maintained and by making sure that health and safety for all is assured.

Our Environmental Credentials

We aim to make the lowest possible impact on the environment and are trying to make continuing improvements in energy efficiency (through careful monitoring), recycling ( we recycle as much as possible; glass, plastics, paper, cooking oil, print products and compostable food) and minimising waste.

The Local Community

Cambridge University is a major employer locally and as part of the University we are keen to engage with those around us be they staff or members of the public. .

Our Suppliers 

The University has negotiated fair and reasonable rates with local suppliers and ensures that they are environmentally and socially responsible. A reduction in supplier numbers means we gain the benefit of volume and fewer journeys to the site are necessary.


We are proud of our Conservation Area (located at the rear of the College) which provides a home to over 120 native grasses and plants (including 4 types of orchids) which grow alongside a habitat for various wildlife including hedgehogs, frogs, toads, snakes, and woodpeckers.

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