Financial assistance

A range of grants and bursaries are available to support students in times of financial hardship.

If you require financial assistance, please contact the Finance Tutor and your College Tutor. 


Please click on the links below to find out more information about the grants and bursaries available to Homerton students and how to apply.


Student loans and tuition fees

All new students entering in September/October must apply to one of the following for confirmation of their Home or EU status in order to receive tuition fee and maintenance loans and/or grants;

  • Student Finance England (SFE)
  • Student Finance Wales
  • Student Finance Northern Ireland
  • SAAS (if you are a Scottish student)
  • Student Finance Services (EU Students)

Please ensure that you apply to one of the above (that is applicable to you) to prove that you are a Home/EU student. Failure to obtain this confirmation will result in you being assessed as self-funded and/or an overseas student.

All continuing Undergraduate students who wish to take a tuition fee loan must re-apply to one of the services listed above (as applicable) well in advance of the start of their next academic year in order to secure funding on time



Hardship funding

Cambridge Bursary Scheme 

The Cambridge Bursary scheme is designed to ensure that students in need of financial help get a means tested grant (not to be paid back) during their time at the University of Cambridge and Homerton College. The scheme offers support to Home and EU (with settled or pre-settled status) undergraduate students. The CBS is a funding collaboration between the Colleges, the University and the Isaac Newton Trust. To learn more about the scheme and eligibility, see the CBS website.

There is no separate application form for new students. The Student Loans Company will automatically assess you when you apply for an income-assessed loan.

College Hardship Funds

Homerton is committed to offering hardship support beyond what is offered by the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to those who have particular needs. The College has modest funds to make grants to those in most need, especially those who do not qualify for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and /or those whose circumstances and finances changed after they started the course.

To be considered for a College Hardship Grant, students should contact their College Tutor in the first instance.

Bell, Abbott and Barnes Funds

The Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds provide funding for undergraduate students experiencing unexpected financial hardship. Awards are made from the Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds once each term, and grants of up to £2,000 per annum are provided

Students should give details of their financial situation to their personal tutor who can apply on their behalf. The deadline for your Tutor to apply is the Division of Term, that is to say, 9th November, 13th February or 14th/21st May (the final date depending on when Easter falls). Late applications cannot be considered until the following term

Central Childcare Bursary Scheme

The Central Childcare Bursary Scheme is available to eligible EU and overseas student parents. The grants are means-tested and depend on family income and expenditures. Further information about eligibility criteria and application packs can be found on the Childcare website. Application packs are also available from College offices, the SU or via the Childcare Office.

Completed applications must be submitted through your College Tutor who should support the application. Proof of a secured place or places at an Ofsted-registered childcare provider, including the child’s name, booking pattern and the start dates, must be included with the completed application form.

Academic awards and grants

Finalists prizes

All students graduating with a First Class degree will receive a prize of £200. Those who achieve a starred First will also receive a Foundation Prize of £300. Students who receive a University Prize will be granted a College Academic Achievement Award of £100. All prizes for finalists will be presented at General Admission (graduation day).

Homerton Second Year Scholarships

Students who receive a First Class result will receive a scholarship of £200. Additionally, students who receive a University Prize will be granted a College Academic Achievement Award of £100. Students who are judged to have achieved the highest First Class standard in the Preliminary Exam to Part I of the English and History Triposes will be awarded a College Subject Prize of £200.

Five Scholarships of £500 will be awarded by the college for the best results obtained by second year students in Summer 2021. Prizes will be judged on the basis of a student’s rank order in the university class list, with the provision that it must be a First class, and moderated with actual marks if necessary. All students with Firsts will be considered automatically, and the five winners will be presented with their awards at the Prizewinners’ Formal Hall in October. Decisions made by the Educational Policy Committee will be final.

The Bridget Robinson Studentship

This studentship has been established in memory of the late Bridget Robinson (Homerton, 1969-72) to reward and support Homerton students who have achieved academic or performance excellence in the fields of Maths or Music, the subjects that interested and inspired Bridget throughout her life. 

One award of £1,500 is available to a student of either Maths or Music at the end of their first year. Selection will be made by the Educational Policy Committee following advice from the Directors of Studies for Maths and Music, on the basis of demonstrable achievement academically or in performance. All first year students in Mathematics and Music will be considered. 

The Jonathan Beswick Prize

Jonathan Beswick was a Homerton undergraduate student who died in 1995 during his third year. This prize, which is awarded for an essay on a mathematical topic, was established to remember his enthusiasm and talent for mathematics. The prizewinner will receive £100.

Vacation Study Grant (VSG)

Homerton Undergraduates who are unable to pay for vacation stay and have strong academically approved reasons to remain in Cambridge during the vacations can apply for a grant to help towards living costs whilst remaining in college. The Fund is means tested and only those eligible will be considered by the VSG Committee. All applications must have the support of their Tutor or Director of Studies (DoS).

The grant will only apply for the days outside the period covered by your termly rent. Generally final year students will be considered. However, (first and second year) students may apply if they have strong support from their DoS or Tutor and are eligible. You may apply to stay on after the end of term or apply to arrive early before the start of the following term. 

Homerton-Victoria Brahm Schild Internship

Homerton College will again be offering an increased number of Internship Bursaries this year, made possible by a generous donation from Victoria Brahm, an alumna of the College (BEd 1980-84). The Bursaries are intended to support undergraduates and graduates (incl. PGCE) students who are seeking to undertake an internship, work experience or a research project that would have a potential benefit to their future careers.

The Bursaries will generally provide funding to cover the costs of accommodation in College of up to 5 weeks (in exceptional circumstances up to 10 weeks) during the Summer vacation, or it will provide funding towards the costs of accommodation and associated costs of your internship, closer to the place of employment.

Students must tentatively have arranged an internship, work experience or research project over the Summer vacation period. Awards will be made taking into consideration any payments made by the employer for the internship and any personal finances available to fund the internship.

Small Grants for Undergraduate Academic Projects

A Research Grant of up to £100 may be available for undergraduates who are unable to afford expenses associated with academic-related work. Please contact your Tutor/DoS in the first instance.

Homerton Dissertation Grant 2022

Undergraduates in their final year can apply for the Homerton Dissertation Grant to assist with expenses associated with a research project or dissertation which is an assessed part of their course. Grants of up to £500 will be considered (not more than one grant per student per academic year) and students applying for this may NOT also apply for a small grant for Undergraduate Academic Projects.

Applications may be made to help with the costs of fieldwork, trips to libraries and archives etc. Funds will not normally be given for normal meals, purchase of laptops or software. Please complete the form via the link below and submit it to the Tutorial Office. 

Application form
118.1 KB pdf


Music awards

Those studying Music are automatically entitled to a generous bursary towards instrumental lessons for each year of their undergraduate study at Homerton. These can be held concurrently with an organ scholarship, choral scholarship, accompanist scholarship, or instrumental award as described below.

Choral Scholarships

At Homerton, choral scholars sing in the Charter Choir. Scholarships are tenable for the duration of undergraduate study (usually three years), and choral scholars are required to take part in the musical services of the Charter Choir at the neighbouring Church of St John the Evangelist, attend choir practices, and are expected to take an active part in the secular musical life of the College. In addition to the annual stipend of £100, choral scholars receive a generous further subsidy towards singing lessons, free Formal Hall, and other perks.

Homerton College participates in the University's Vocal Assessment Days (end of September), but prospective choral applicants who don't attend this event are nevertheless most welcome to contact the Director of Music, Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter for informal advice about making an application.

Formal applications can only be made once an academic place has been offered (in early January). In order to apply, the Choral Award Application Form must be completed and sent to the Admissions Office of your College.

Organ Scholarships

Those wishing to apply for an Organ Scholarship need to complete the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) as well as submit a UCAS application. The Organ Scholarship applications must usually be received by the beginning of September. Your UCAS application does not have to be submitted until the October deadline.

There are normally two Organ Scholars at Homerton. The Organ Scholars’ main responsibilities are to accompany the Charter Choir at all rehearsals and services (usually Choral Evensong at the neighbouring Church of St John the Evangelist), and to help with choir-related administration and general organisation. When no accompaniment is needed, they may be expected to sing with the Choir. They are also given regular opportunities to conduct the Choir, with informal guidance from the Director of Music. Organ Scholars are also expected to take a leading role in other forms of music-making at Homerton. Awards are tenable for three years (at £450 per annum), and come with additional perks including free organ lessons, free Formal Hall, and free international tours. In addition, the Organ Scholars are provided with a digital practice piano in their College room.

Instrumental Awards

Homerton College participates in the University Instrumental Award Scheme, whose purpose is to enable talented players to reach a high standard of chamber music performance. Undergraduates in any subject whose place at Homerton has been confirmed may apply for an Award. A distinction at Grade 8 is usually required as a minimum level. Applications must usually be submitted by late February.

Accompanist Scholarship

Homerton College also offers an Accompanist Scholarship for competent pianists who are either continuing or incoming students. Applications are welcome from those who will have achieved at least Grade 7 standard on the piano. The value of the scholarship is £300 per annum, plus an additional grant for piano/accompaniment lessons. There is also an optional provision for organ lessons of £300 per annum. The scholarship will be awarded for one year in the first instance; candidates are permitted to reapply in subsequent years.

The Accompanist Scholar is the official accompanist for musical events in College and is be expected to promote music at Homerton. They may also, from time to time, be required to accompany the Charter Choir at a concert or service. Appointment is by audition, usually held at the very beginning of the academic year

Appointment will be by audition at Homerton College at the end of September. At the audition, candidates will be required to perform two pieces of their choice on the piano, and will be given some sight-reading exercises.

Those interested in applying are invited to register their interest with the Director of Music, Dr Daniel TrocméLatter (

Closing date for applying: Sunday 19 September 2021 . Provisional date for auditions: Monday 27 September 2021

Conducting Scholarship 

Homerton College would like to appoint a Conducting Scholar for the academic year 2021–22. This is a new award, open to all current student members of College as well as those holding an offer to begin studying here in autumn 2021 who have an interest in learning orchestral conducting. Homerton College is most grateful to the Douglas Coombes Foundation for the partial sponsorship of this award.

No prior conducting experience is necessary, although candidates’ potential will be taken into consideration.

The value of the scholarship is £300 per annum, plus an additional grant for conducting lessons and – for students studying subjects other than Music – another grant for instrumental lessons. Where possible, the Conducting Scholar will be provided with a digital piano in their college room. The scholarship will be awarded for one year in the first instance, but may be extended for a subsequent year with the agreement of both parties.

Appointment will be by audition at the end of September. At the audition, candidates will be required to conduct a short excerpt of music, and will be given some sight-reading exercises. 

Those interested in applying are invited to register their interest with the Director of Music, Dr Daniel TrocméLatter (

Closing date for applying: Sunday 19 September 2021 . Provisional date for auditions: Monday 27 September 2021

Visit the University Website for more information about the  Intercollegiate Choral Award Competition and the Intercollegiate Organ Award Competition.

Funding for disabled students

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs)

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are grants to help meet the extra course costs incurred as a direct result of a disability or Specific Learning Difficulty. They are paid on top of anything you get through the standard student finance package, are not means-tested, and do not need to be repaid. Available for home students only. Included in your application to student finance UK.

Reasonable Adjustments Funds (RAF)

University Grants for home students (UK nationals) with disabilities, which may include, but is not limited to funding note-takers, proofreading and specialist mentoring. Please contact the DRC to arrange an appointment to discuss the Reasonable Adjustment Funds. If you have already applied for DSAs, you do not need to make an additional application, the DRC will contact you to discuss support available from the RAF.

International Disabled students’ Fund (IDS)

International students (EU or non-EU) with disabilities may be eligible for support to assist their academic work, including independent needs assessments, specialist equipment, and extra travel costs incurred because of your disability. Students may discuss this support with their disability advisor or fill out an IDS application form. Students and offer holders are encouraged to apply as early as possible so that any support requirements are in place for the beginning of term.

Crane’s Charity Hardship Fund

Crane’s Charity provides hardship grants for students towards the cost of medical, surgical or psychiatric treatment or for convalescent accommodation and travel to assist students who are ill. Students should speak to their college tutor, who can make an application on their behalf. 

Details of other funds for disabled students can be found on the Disability Resource Centre webpages. 

Funding for extracurricular activities

Student Representation Awards

Homerton College wishes to acknowledge and reward those students who represent the College in University sport, societies or other activities such as music, drama and charitable activities as it brings benefits to the College through raising the College profile and providing opportunities for communications to alumni. Awards of up to £200, or 14 vacation accommodation nights if requested, will be awarded to recipient students. Contact the Bursary for further information.

Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP)

Homerton supports and encourages students in the learning of languages through courses provided by the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP).Homerton students enrolled on a language programme (in any language other than English),generally taught during Michaelmas and Lent terms on CULP standard programs, may seek Homerton contribution of up to 50% of the full cost of the course by applying to the finance tutor, enclosing a copy of CULP receipt of payment and Certification of course completion issued by CULP. Upon receipt of Certification of course completion issued by CULP the Finance Tutor will authorise release of College contribution to the Finance Office. Payment is generally processed via BACS by the Finance Office, direct into your bank account.

Small Grants for School Outreach

These funds are intended to help Homerton College Undergraduates with expenses associated with outreach related activities. They are primarily meant for funding a visit to a student’s previous school, but other activities will be considered if they fall within the remit of the college’s outreach targets. Applications from groups of students visiting multiple schools will be considered.

Students may simply wish to talk about their Cambridge experience, or engage in subject-related activity. For the purposes of outreach, we will provide a general power-point presentation, and other “stash” for distribution.

If your application is successful, the Admissions Tutor will write to you with details of how to make a claim (enclosing receipts of expenditure) to the Finance Office. Return completed form to the Tutorial Administrator, which can found under Grant application Forms. 

Sports Awards

Financial Support for Sportsmen/Women

The Hawk's club offers a charitable trust which provides funds for sporting excellence to current students, male and female, whose sporting activities are inhibited by financial constraints. Applications have to be endorsed by a University Senior Member to confirm financial need; grants are normally only awarded in sports of Blue or Half-blue status, taking into account if need is equal, the level of sporting excellence and the academic level. Further details can be found on their website.

The Ospreys is a society by and for the University of Cambridge sportswomen aimed at raising the profile of women's sport. The Ospreys seek to provide financial support for members in the form of Bursary awards. Ospreys Bursaries are annual monetary grants intended to support members in the pursuit of sport at the University level and beyond. Further details can be found on their website.

Travel Grants

Homerton-Pilkington Travel Award 2022

For many years an annual Travel Award has been made available from the Pilkington Trust to help Homerton students who are contemplating ambitious or out of the ordinary journeys during the summer vacation; on average around ten awards of up to £500 are made. The purpose of the travel should be challenging and mind-broadening, but also confer a benefit to others; travel designed for research purposes or coursework related will not be considered. Further details including how to apply, the criteria for applying, and required information, are available to download. If you have any questions, please contact the Tutorial Office.

The Student Travel Award

The Student Travel Award provides two Cambridge undergraduates with up to £1,000 each to travel separately throughout Europe during the summer, visiting Cambridge's volunteer-led Alumni Groups and promoting the Groups' activities to students. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their networks with alumni and visit locations of personal and career interests.

Full details including how to apply are available on the CUDO website.

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