New Developments

Homerton is an innovative college that prioritises development and improvement

Homerton College Sports Ground

Our new sports ground on Long Road opened in 2020 and is a shared facility with St Mary's School, Cambridge. Located only a short walk away, the sports ground has flood-lit artificial surfaces for hockey, cricket nets, netball, tennis, rugby, football, high jump and long jump. Other sports such as lacrosse and American Football are also able to use the pitches. The construction of a Pavillion is currently underway and will be open for students in Autumn 2021.

North Wing

Completed in 2020, our North Wing now holds a new auditorium for 110 people, two large music practice rooms and 18 guest bedrooms. During work on the North Wing, we discovered the original stone windows on Paupers Walk which we believe were covered up in 1932. These will now remain exposed and have been restored to their former glory.

The Dining Hall

The new Dining Hall with Buttery, servery and kitchens, is currently under construction and is due to be completed in early 2022. With high celestory windows, the Hall will be a beautiful contemporary space where our students will dine daily as well as enjoy traditional Formal hallsThe Buttery – Cambridge for a café – will be a new fresh and modern space for Homertonians to use, eat and socialise in. We have also installed ground source heat pumps for the Hall, which sit under the lawns of the College.

We are also planning for the re-purposing of the Great Hall and the area surrounding it to ensure this remains a well-used and beautiful space for the College.

A new entrance and Porters' Lodge

Homerton is proud of its location just out of Cambridge city centre on Hills Road and last year launched an architect competition to build a new Porters' Lodge. 

The challenge posed was to create a new entrance appropriate to the size and ambition of Cambridge's newest College, including a new Porters' Lodge which both welcomes first-time visitors and meets the needs of resident students, and to expand the College Library, allowing it to host exhibitions as well as provide study space.

The proposed design is described by Alison Brooks Architects as the ‘College lantern’ and takes the form of a three-storey pavilion positioned within a new College Square, in front of our Mary Allan Building. The ground floor will accommodate the Porters’ Lodge and includes a large foyer and exhibition area on its northern side, a new glazed link connecting the new foyer to the existing Library and a broad verandah to welcome visitors from Hills Road.

A large copper-clad structure rising above the Lodge will house the College's Children’s Literature Resource Centre on the first floor, above which will be a storey of research rooms and a large storage area for books.



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