Resources for Prospective Applicants

An important part of applying to Cambridge and other competitive universities is an ability to demonstrate a genuine interest in your chosen subject.  Successful candidates tend to have explored their subject through wider reading and other activities outside the classroom, as well as doing very well in their GCSEs and A-levels. This sort of activity is called ‘super-curricular’, rather than ‘extra-curricular’, as it builds on and enhances what you are studying in school.

Please find below a document detailing some suggestions for wider reading lists and other resources for super-curricular engagement.  This list is not exhaustive and is certainly not​ required reading for Cambridge applicants.  Super-curricular exploration should hopefully be fun and engaging - if you are finding it dull and uninspiring, you may not have found the right course for you!


This document was originally created in 2012 by Ms Rosie Sharkey, Schools Liaison Officer (SLO) for Trinity and Magdalene Colleges, and updated and republished in August 2018 by Mr Fergus Powell, Homerton College SLO.