Homerton College Inclusion Week

Celebrating inclusivity and diversity
February 2022


An introduction to Inclusion Week at Homerton

Homerton College Inclusion Week is an annual event promoting inclusion in all forms. Speakers from across the College, University and beyond contribute to the week, reflecting on their personal experience and professional practice in relation to inclusion. 

Inclusion is about enabling and supporting access and participation for all regardless of characteristics such as ability/disability, race, sexuality, gender identity, class and more. Homerton is proud to promote inclusive practices, as well as challenge ourselves to do better to serve our staff, students, and community.

Events held across this year's Inclusion week included conversations on disability activism, workshops on sign language as well as more informal opportunities for members of the College to mix. Online resources are still available, including recommended websites and videos from staff and students who play key roles in ensuring equality and teeming diversity remains a way of life at Homerton.

Inclusion Week Videos

Homerton has always stood for equality, diversity and acceptance. Hear our Fellows, Tutors and students discuss this year's Inclusion Week and how the College continues to strive to do better.

A limited number of events were recorded and can be viewed on the College YouTube account.

Eireann Attridge 
Tutor and Inclusion Week Coordinator


Bonna-Lisa Kabir and Theola Ojo
HUS Liberation Officers


Dr Ines Lee
Junior Research Fellow


Dr David Clifford
Fellow, Tutor and Chair of the Homerton Equality and Diversity Committee


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