Homerton International Programme - Professional Development Programme

Photo: Students at studyThe Professional Development Programme (PDP) is a week long lecture based programme that provides a stimulating learning environment to upskill and improve knowledge across a diverse range of topics that are particularly current and of interest in the areas of business, science, technology and innovation.

This programme is designed for executives and academics at a variety of levels from Masters to Post-Doctorate.

These programmes are taught by a range of university academics and lecturers who are often specialists in their fields of research.

Key features of the 5 day programme are;

  • 7 classroom based lectures
  • Half day sightseeing around Cambridge University and a visit to King’s College
  • Half day at the Science Park meeting Start up companies
  • 3 Course College Formal dinner 
  • Course Completion Certificate from Homerton College
  • Commemorative Cohort Photo and Backpack

Please contact HIP@homerton.cam.ac.uk for more details.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this programme is a Short Course Programme lasting five days in length.  The certificate is to indicate completion of the programme and represents this period of time and is not associated with any other external qualification or academic affiliation.

重要公告: 本學院國际事務部於2019年開辦博士后進階研習課程班在近期被有心人誤傳為一學位授與課程,在此特別指正,本課程為一研修課程,不屬於學位課程,並且為保護本學院名譽,明年起亦不再舉辦相同名稱的研習課程,以免再被有心人士利用,特此公告,並就此保留法律追   訴權利,對於任何對外做錯誤宣傳的個人及团队,提出嚴正警告!