Lateral Thinking


This session will illustrate how to think by using tools that will take you through academia into the 'real world'.

Learn how to use tools, which teach you how to think, structure a stronger essay, thesis, and even, write your own life story. Learn about value medals, thinking hats, why humour and movement - the importance of being a clown and adventurer - can make you a more effective and efficient writer.

Learn why working with the premise anything is possible; anything is probable (PO) is more valuable and effective in decision making than a critical (yes/no) approach, and how thinking out of the book, and the box, benefits your mental health.

This is an event supported by Homerton Changemakers. Open to all Homerton College students. Register now to secure your place.


Preparation for the session:

The workshop is interactive from the word go. Prepare as follows:

Please bring a lined and un-lined pad and ideally six different coloured pens - (ideally one blue, red, yellow, black, purple and pink).

Think of an issue or challenge you wish to address. Encapsulate it into one sentence of no more than 12 words. Write it at the top of the first page.

Wear loose fitting clothes, because we're going to do some restorative yoga at the end as well! Lay out a yoga mat (if you have one) or towel, if you don't.

Turn off your mobile (unless you are using the mobile to take part!).

Lastly, be open to learning how to think in a different way.


Profile of Speaker/Presenter

Sarah Tucker is a radio broadcaster, best selling novelist and journalist, having just completed the biography of lateral thinking pioneer Edward de Bono. She is also a qualified yoga instructor, teaching yoga and meditation in schools and colleges for the past eight years. She teaches all age groups, from nursery through to sixth form, and has produced a series of books (The Amazing Book series - for 3 - 5 year olds, which engage young children in all aspects of yoga and meditation and make it fun and relevant and Fourteen, a parenting manual for teenagers, on how they should manage their parents.

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