Life at Homerton

Homerton is home to a wide variety of students of all backgrounds, all of whom are welcoming and friendly from the day you arrive. Students here can enjoy a great atmosphere, a wide variety of societies and an active student union.

Whether your interest lies in sport, student politics, art, drama or just socialising, you'll find people at Homerton to share it with.

If there's something you want to do here that we don't already do, don't worry! The Homerton Union of Students will be there to help you set up and organise new activities and societies. And if you want a place to relax after a day in the library, a sports match or a performance, Homerton's extensive grounds and gardens provide the ideal location to do so.

Being that little bit further out of town doesn't stop Homerton students from getting involved in University-wide societies or meeting people from other colleges. Whatever your interest, there is probably a University society for it, and the student unions will point you in the right direction.

The Homerton Union of Students (HUS) is made up of two student unions - the JCR (Junior Common Room) for the undergraduates and the MCR (Middle Common Room) for higher degree students. The PGCE students are represented on both.