Colleges are communities and one vital part of this is eating together.

Once a week Homerton does the traditional Cambridge thing and we have formal halls in which dinner is served by candlelight with wine, and there is a high table for fellows to eat with you in their gowns.

Every other day there is a cafeteria lunch and dinner with a good choice of food. We eat in the splendid Hall, a Victorian Gothic grand space very well used recently for a ‘Harry Potter formal hall’ for charity, at which real owls flew over the heads of delighted diners. It looks lovely by candlelight but it’s also big enough to hold a whole year of students for grand ceremonial occasions such as the Graduands (students about to receive their degrees) dinner. And you can get a meal deal for a keen price!

Homerton, like other Cambridge colleges, offers good value for money in accommodation and food. Because colleges offer facilities for term time, without, as would be the case in the renting market for rooms, charging when students are away back home, Cambridge becomes a relatively inexpensive place to live for students. Students also have a real say when the annual financial assessment of costs is made.

We also have a Buttery (for breakfast, snacks, tea and coffee, sandwiches cakes etc) and a Bar, where a good number of student events take place (and there is Sky Sports there).