IT: Eduroam / Resnet

The College provides internet access to all members via the wired “ResNet” network in study bedrooms for resident students, or the wireless “eduroam” network – where wireless is available – for both resident and non-resident students. The network allows access to email, web, and other Internet services. It is provided and operated by the Homerton College IT Department and the cost of access is incorporated in the residence charge for resident students or in the College Membership Fee for non-resident students. Further details about configuring your device for eduroam access are available at

Eduroam Coverage at Homerton

Homerton College Eduroam wireless coverage

Please note, due to the nature of wireless, we cannot guarantee complete access to wifi in all areas. Wireless signals can have issues with thick concrete walls, metal pipes and cabling, microwave ovens to name a few. Personal wifi hotspots and wireless printers can also cause issues.We are continuing to improve the reliability and reach of our wifi.

Wired access points are provided in each room.

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