Student Finance, Awards and Grants

Homerton College has a part-time Finance Tutor, Mr Dhiru Karia, who is available should you have any queries regarding managing your finances or would like advice on applying for grants and scholarships.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (CBS) and Cambridge European Bursary Scheme (CEBS)

The Bursary Schemes are designed to ensure that students in need of financial help get a means tested grant during their time at the University of Cambridge and Homerton College. The scheme offers support to Home and EU undergraduate students. The CBS and CEBS is a funding collaboration between the Colleges, the University and the Isaac Newton Trust. To learn more about the scheme and eligibility, select the appropriate button on their website according to when you started your studies. Applications for the scheme can be made on-line at the start of each academic year and details of applications deadlines are sent by the Tutorial Office during the long vacation.

College Hardship Funds

Homerton is committed to offering hardship support beyond what is offered by the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to those who have particular needs. Homerton College has modest funds to make grants to those in most need, especially those who did not qualify for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and /or those whose circumstances and finances changed after they started the course. 

If you wish to be considered for a College Hardship Grant, you should contact your Tutor in the first instance. Your Tutor may then give you guidance and if necessary a 'Hardship Application Form' to fill in and send to Mr Karia, (with supporting statement from your Tutor). Mr Karia will meet with you to discuss your finances and will ask to see documentary evidence, such as bank statements, bills, your budget/cash flow in support of your case.

Vacation Study Grant (VSG)

Undergraduates who have strong academically approved reasons to remain in Cambridge during the vacations can apply for a grant to help towards living costs whilst remaining in college. The Fund is means tested and only those eligible will be considered by the VSG Committee. All applications must have the support of your Tutor or Director of Studies (DoS). The grant will only apply for the days outside the period covered by your termly rent. Generally final year students will be considered. However, first and second year students may apply if they have strong support from their DoS or Tutor and are eligible. You may apply to stay on after the end of term or apply to arrive early before the start of the following term. Application forms and deadlines are published termly by the Tutorial Office.

Homerton Internship Scholarship

Grants temporarily suspended for the Summer of 2020 due to COVID 19 crisis. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic we strongly advise you not to pay or make any travel plans for internships this summer as there are very strict travel restrictions which may continue for a foreseeable future. Colleges and the University are constantly updating students and staff on the ongoing developments and we will provide a new deadline for applications when things have improved.

 Dhiru Karia, Finance Tutor/Emeritus Fellow.

Undergraduate students entering their final year of study (including M.Sci/M.Eng. where applicable) can apply to the Homerton Internship Scholarship. Students must tentatively have arranged an internship, work experience placement or research project to take place during the summer vacation. The scheme (means tested) provides funding to cover accommodation costs in College for 4-10 weeks, or contribution towards accommodation elsewhere, for students who can demonstrate that their internship will give potential benefit to their future career. A similar scheme is run by the Careers Service. Please see their website for further information.

Hardship Funding (for Graduate students)

The Student Registry scheme of Hardship Awards (which includes the Lundgren Research Awards) aims to support Graduate students who have shown a high aptitude for research but are experiencing financial hardship as a result of unexpected changes in their financial circumstances. The awards are intended to support those students who would otherwise be unable to complete their research. Please note that the deadlines for receipt of applications are 30th September and 30th March each year and awards are not normally made for more than £1000 for Hardship and £5000 for Lundgren. Students registered on a part-time basis or for one-year degrees are not eligible to apply for these awards and to be eligible for an award, you must have completed 4 terms of research. Please see here for eligibility criteria and guidance.

The Bell, Abbot, and Barnes Funds

The Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds provides assistance to undergraduate students (but not graduate students) in financial difficulties, and particularly to those suffering unexpected hardship. They provide grants of £100 to £1,000 (or up to £2,000 in exceptional circumstances) per annum. There is one application deadline in the middle of each term: you should, well in advance, give full details of your financial situation to your Tutor and the Finance Tutor who can apply on your behalf. If you are successful you will receive your grant towards the end of the term, via the Finance Office. Please see their webpage for further information about the Funds.

The Research Grant: Graduate students

The Research Grant is intended to help Homerton College Graduate students with expenses associated with their research each year. Students may apply for funds each year (2014 - 2015: £150.00 per year for one year courses or £350.00 per year for PhD courses), or chose to apply for a larger amount in any year of study as long as total funds given during the course do not exceed £1050.00. Funds may be sought for expenses such as: travel to conferences, research sites, libraries; registration fees for conferences; accommodation costs while working away from College or at a residential conference; exceptional expenses associated with your research, such as unusual amounts of photocopying, purchase of specialist analysis software etc, if not available elsewhere. Students will be contacted by the Graduate Administrator each term with eligibility criteria and application forms. 

Small Grants for Undergraduate Academic Projects

A Research Grant of up to £100 may be available for Undergraduates who are unable to afford expenses associated with academic related work. Please contact your Tutor /DoS in the first instance before dowloading the form from Nexus.

The Bridget Robinson Studentship

This studentship has been established in memory of the late Bridget Robinson (Homerton, 1969-72) to reward and support Homerton students who have achieved academic or performance excellence in the fields of Maths or Music.

Criteria and how to apply

One award of £1,500 is available to a student of either Maths or Music at the end of their first year. Selection will be made by the Educational Policy Committee following advice from the Directors of Studies for Maths and Music, on the basis of demonstrable achievement academically or in performance. In the event that two or more candidates demonstrate outstanding achievement, the College reserves the right to request proof of financial need, and may then make the award on this basis. All first year students in Mathematics and Music will be considered. The award will be conferred at the Prize-winners' Formal Hall in October.

About the award

Bridget Robinson gained a Certificate in Education at Homerton in 1972, and went on to teach Mathematics at Glendowers school, before gaining a BSc in Mathematics as a mature student at Bedford College. In 2014, Bridget suffered a profound brain injury, but was able to continue a lifelong love of classical and choral music before her death from a terminal illness in 2017. This award has been established by her family. You can read more about her life here.

Language Centre Reimbursement

Students wishing to do a language course at the University Language Centre (in any language other than English) are entitled to 50% reimbursement of the cost of one course. Receipts must be submitted to the Tutorial Office for approval.

Homerton-Pilkington Travel Award

For many years an annual Travel Award has been made available from the Pilkington Trust to help Homerton students who are contemplating ambitious or out of the ordinary journeys during the summer vacation; on average around ten awards of up to £500 are made. The purpose of the travel should be challenging and mind-broadening, but also confer a benefit to others; travel designed for research purposes or coursework related will not be considered. Details about eligibility and how to apply are made available during Michaelmas term with an application deadline of the start of March each year. Applications for 2019 will close on Thursday 28th February 2019. Further details are available from Mr Andrew Drain in the Tutorial Office.

Other Travel Awards

Throughout the year, the College is informed of other Travel Awards administered by the University; details are displayed on the Queens Wing noticeboard and distributed via email.