Any member of Homerton College who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may proceed at Congregation. Degree ceremonies are held at the Senate House on various dates throughout the year; although Homerton College does not attend every ceremony, only those listed below.

Your degree will not be officially awarded to you until you have participated in a Congregation of the Regent House, either in person or in absentia. Your degree certificate and official University transcript will only be issued once your degree has been conferred, if received in absentia this will be posted to you a few weeks after the ceremony date.

The Congregation held on 27th June 2020 is known as General Admission, when most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term. 

The Registry or your degree committee informs higher degree students (M.Phil, Ph.D., M.St and Ed.D) when they have been approved for their degrees and asks them to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have their degrees conferred at Congregation; please do this by emailing the Praelectors’ Secretary ( We do try to contact higher degree students once they become eligible - a registration email is sent from the Tutorial Office to all eligible graduands six weeks prior to the congregation inviting them to register. Please note that higher degree students are not automatically entered for graduation, they must register for a particular Congregation, so please look out for the registration email. The pass list for M.Ed students is released late November; the College will contact eligible graduands by the end of January inviting them to the M.Ed ceremony usually held in April.  

MA Congregations are held in March or early April. The Alumni Office will contact all eligible graduates on their preferred email address by the end of January. Graduates who are eligible for an MA will have held a BA for six years and a term after matriculation. Further details regarding eligibility are available from

Please note the College will not put forward anyone for graduation who has not settled their College and University bills.

If you wish to put your name forward to receive your degree at any Congregation you will need to contact the Praelectors' Secretary in the Tutorial Office.

Guest entry to the Senate House ceremony is by ticket only. We are allocated three guest tickets for Ordinary Congregations per graduand, and for the MA ceremony, two guest tickets per graduand. Please see the FAQ page on this website.

Congregation Dates 2020

Homerton graduands may be presented in absentia at any congregation held at Senate House but may only be presented in person on the specified dates, which are highlighted below:

16th May 2020 - no congregation from Homerton College but your degree can be conferred in absentia if you contact Praelectors' Secretary at least two weeks in advance. IN ABSENTIA ONLY.

27th June 2020 GENERAL ADMISSION (B.A., M.Eng., M.Math., M.Sci., Vet.M.B and B.TH. Degrees only) Congregation from Homerton College. IN ABSENTIA ONLY

Date to be Confirmed July 2020  Higher Degree and B.A. Congregation from Homerton College. IN ABSENTIA ONLY

24th October 2020 - no congregation from Homerton College but your degree can be conferred in absentia if you contact Praelectors' Secretary at least two weeks in advance

28th November 2020 Higher Degree and B.A. Congregation from Homerton College. IN ABSENTIA ONLY

For further more detailed information regarding Graduation, Certificates and Transcripts please see the University website or visit the Congregation FAQ page.