Transcript Requests


Your 'official' University Transcript (hard copy) will not be issued to you until you have graduated. The transcript is proof of your matriculation and lists the overall class mark achieved as well as a breakdown of all the marks gained for individual papers taken in your Tripos.

If you are a current student and require a Transcript the Tutorial Office can provide you with an unofficial copy.

The University is responsible for issuing official degree certificates and Certificates of Academic Record (transcripts). Original degree certificates are issued without charge to all students when they graduate. University of Cambridge now issues transcripts online through a secure electronic document system called Digitary. The system uses highly secure technologies and is much more secure than traditional paper verification methods. Details can be found on the Student Records and Administration website.

This system enables students and graduates to access their documents online. Transcripts are digitally signed to make them legally valid and tamper-evident. Students and graduates benefit from the ability to easily send official documents anywhere in the world.

Access is only via CamSIS Self-Service for current students, or CamSIS Extended Self-Service for students who have completed their course. Access to CamSIS self-service is free, but there is a one off charge of £25 for life time access to the online transcript facility.

For PGCE transcripts, please see the Faculty of Education website.

For information regarding BEd transcripts, please see our Alumni page.