From Lodge to Launch

Homerton Porter Alastair Meikle has an eye for aesthetics. As a trained gemmologist and former jeweller at the Ritz hotel, it went with the territory. But while his current role may not provide so much access to the sparkly side of life, its shift patterns allow time to pursue his other interest – illustration.

Working with a 0.1mm graphic ink pen, Alastair has developed an artistic style which builds up pictures using thousands of tiny dots, creating a surreal, beautiful yet sinister effect. Having previously sold his prints as a sideline, art had been less of a focus in recent years until a friend asked him to illustrate her novel.

The Sisters Grimm, by Menna van Praag, which weaves together fantasy, fairy-tales and feminism, proved a perfect inspiration.

“Menna’s such a visual writer, and we know each other so well that it was very easy to work together,” says Alastair. “I loved it – it was a very organic process.”

The Sisters Grimm is published in the UK by Transworld/Penguin Random House. Its launch will be officially celebrated at Waterstone’s, Cambridge, on Wednesday 5 February.