Homerton Changemakers

By Sarah Hainsworth 1min read

Changemakers is Homerton’s unique whole-person education programme, translating the academic excellence of a Cambridge degree into wise, sustainable and courageous action.

The world is changing fast. Technological and social contexts increasingly demand people who are proactive and knowledgeable, who listen as well as act, who are open as well as confident, who can think both deeply and broadly. Cambridge offers an outstanding academic education. Changemakers goes beyond that, to build related foundations essential for success: pragmatism alongside vision. Sustainable thinking and acting. Courageous, generous leadership.

The programme is built around 4 clusters of attributes - Selfhood, Perspectives, Thinking/Feeling, and Action. These clusters have been designed drawing on research in psychology, sustainability, anticipation studies, education, the arts, community-building, innovation and business: and on our collective experience leading changemaking initiatives.

More than a transferable skills programme or path to employability, Changemakers helps all Homerton students truly find their stride. Whether that's launching a start-up, being a social innovator, becoming an artist, or joining a multi-national - Changemakers can help.

Changemakers is open to all Homerton students. It's modular, co-curricular and can be as much or as little as needed. We host virtual and in-person residentials; workshops, discussion groups and lectures; a mentoring and peer-coaching scheme; a student ambassador programme; and opportunities for internships and project funding.

Changemakers also work in partnership with other like-minded organisations including Form the Future & The Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking.

You can see Changemaker Student Evelyn Glibert-Bair here, speaking for Form the Future on life decisions and career skills: 

Find out more about the programme here.

Contact: Changemakers@homerton.cam.ac.uk