Summer School Testimonials

Please find below comments from participants on the 2017 Homerton Summer Schools.

Arts and Humanities Summer School

'The summer school was the best experience I have ever had in terms of both knowledge and social aspects'

'I have loved the experience and the people I have met. All student ambassadors, lectures and helper were sincerely lovely and personable. In some ways, it made the university experience more real and achievable'

'I'd just like to thank everybody for the best week I've ever had and really hope I get to see you all soon!'

'I wasn't sure if I wanted to go into further education or not but now I know that I do'

'I enjoyed the opportunity to openly discuss issues with a panel of academics'

'The visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum was educational and allowed us to explore new ways of learning from resources'

'Extremely engaging speakers with relevant and interesting knowledge!'

'It was useful to see facilities available to students'

'The debating session gave me confidence to speak publicly'

'I really enjoyed my supervision as it was engaging and personal which allowed for more detailed thought'

'The admissions session was really helpful in clarifying myths about applications!'

Sciences Summer School

'Thank you for this programme. It has really helped all of us, and is a great idea and hugely beneficial. It is inspirational and everyone is so nice and we had a lot of freedom. And it was free!'

'It was such an amazing week. Met people with both similar interests and the content covered was above and beyond. It has a definitely been such a privilege to attend this summer school'

'It made me more exciting about studying maths at university (which is quite the achievement given my excitement capacity was already exhausted)'

'The lecturers seemed so enthusiastic and gave me good insight into the variety of opportunities'

'The code breaking challenged me to think differently without knocking my confidence when I didn't know how to answer'

'The murder mystery was a very fun activity as it got us all to work in a team and have fun as well'

'The medicine lecture was very good and helpful and the role play with the actor was so interesting in watching how doctors make a diagnosis'

'The collection and microscope at the Whipple Museum was impressive. I enjoyed learning about initial attitudes to Darwin's Origin of Species'

'The chemistry supervision introduced new concepts within ones that we understood and was well explained if you were struggling'

'The admissions talk was reassuring and informing of everything you need to do so you feel prepared’

'It has made me far more confident/passionate about applying to Cambridge'