Elise Laperrousaz

Research Associate
Clinical Neurosciences
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01223 331 186
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Dr Elise Laperrousaz is a Research Associate in the Fawcett-Martin group, at the John Van Geest Centre for Brain Repair, University of Cambridge. She is working on axonal regeneration in the context of a Central Nervous System injury. She is currently developing an animal model of spinal cord injury to improve axonal regeneration by restoring the transport of integrins through the axon.

Prior to her position in Cambridge, she worked for a pharmaceutical company in France.

Elise completed her PhD at Paris Diderot University, working on the role of an enzymatic disruption of brain lipid metabolism in the onset of metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity).

Outside of the lab, she likes playing and listening to music – with a great passion for Bach -, tasting French wine and Scottish whisky, hiking and she recently started to row on the Cam.

Research Interests: 

Neuronal regeneration, Neurodegenerative diseases, Central Nervous System Injury


PhD - Neurophysiology (Paris Diderot University)

MSc - Cellular Biology, Physiology, Physiopathology (Paris Diderot University)

BA – Biomedical Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Paris Descartes University)


The hydrolysis of lipoproteins in the Central Nervous System: a new actor in the regulation of energy balance.

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