Iryna Voytyuk

Research Associate
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01223 335653
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Iryna obtained her PhD at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium in the lab of Bart De Strooper, heavily focused on molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders. She studied potential side effects arising from BACE2 cross-inhibition by BACE1 inhibitors that were evaluated in clinical trials for AD at the time.

After graduation, Iryna joined the ALBORADA Drug Discovery Institute of the University of Cambridge in April 2019. The institute is an innovative initiative funded by the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK and launched in 2014. Part of a wider Drug Discovery Alliance, it is one of the largest coordinated efforts to drive academic drug discovery into neurodegenerative diseases. The aim of the institute is to bridge the gap between the deep disease understanding of academia and the drug development capabilities within the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and clinical centres of excellence. As part of the in vivo Biology team of the institute, Iryna is focused on identifying novel drug targets and providing validation of targets involvement in mechanisms of neurodegeneration.

Research Interests: 

neuroscience, neurodegeneration


BACE2 distribution in the brain and identification of its substrates


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Voytyuk I, Müller SA, Herber J, Snellinx A, Moechars D, van Loo G, Lichtenthaler SF, De Strooper B (2018) BACE2 distribution in major brain cell types and identification of novel substrates. LSA 1(1): e201800026

Voytyuk I, De Strooper B & Chavez-Gutierrez L (2017) Modulation of γ- and β-Secretases as early prevention against Alzheimer’s Disease. Biol. Psychiatry 83(4):320-327