Daniel Casey (3rd Year Geographer)

Hi, I’m Daniel, a third year geographer at Homerton.

Over the course of my three years here I’ve had the opportunity to attend many diverse and interesting lectures, on topics ranging from economic geography all the way through to volcanology, by the experts who are doing the research themselves.  The course is well structured in all years, recently being rebranded and improved. In the first year you study the breadth of the subject and in the second and third years the wide array of papers on offer mean that you can specialise as much as you want to.

The residential fieldtrips are a definite highlight and lots of fun; I had the opportunity to go to Mallorca! The added supervision support provided by the college is second to none, with an opportunity to discuss each topic in depth with an academic. There is also a geography society (CUGS) who arrange a number of socials and talks throughout the year for all geographers, so you’ll never be short of choice about things to do.

Homerton is a warm and welcoming place to study, often noted to be the friendliest college in Cambridge, being situated within beautiful surroundings – including our own orchard and football pitch. The college offers a well-stocked library (and if you can’t find a book here, which is rare, you will most definitely find it in the Geography library!) and numerous ICT facilities and work spaces which you can avail from.

I strongly recommend Homerton as a place to apply to, I’ve never looked back since. I can’t say anything else about my three years here other than I’ve absolutely loved every second of it.

Upon completing my course at Homerton I have successfully secured funding from the University of Sheffield's 2014 Postgraduate Support Scheme (PSS) Scholarship to undertake an MSc in Environmental Change and International Development in the geography department at Sheffield. This is an exciting moment for myself and has opened up many potential doors for the future. I greatly enjoyed my time at Homerton and now look forward to the coming year at Sheffield University.