Suzanna Hinson (Undergraduate student, and Geography Representative for 2013/14)

Geography is one of the most exciting subjects which can be studied at university. We live in an interdependent world caught up in chains of events which span the globe. We depend upon an increasingly fragile physical environment, whose complex interactions require sophisticated analysis and sensitive management. These issues present intellectual and practical challenges of the first importance and they are the central problem of modern geography.

Cambridge is the best institution in the country for the study of Geography, with lecturers that wrote the books, grants and trips to experience the notion of place that defines the subject and a breath of modules which does justice to the full scope of the Geography discipline. On the human side there are modules in Culture, Demography, Economics and Development. For the more physically minded there are modules in Glaciers at the world leading Scott Polar Research Institute as well as Coasts, Tectonics, Climate and Biogeography. Throughout the course the identification and study of the intricate links between the human and physical spheres is encouraged to give geographers a unique ability to understand the issues that humanity and nature face, now and in the future. By the time third year is reached you can specialise in just about anything – just look at some of the dissertation titles on cupcakes!

Geography is therefore a subject which can suit all minds and with practical skill work as well as essays, it is also one that can suit all futures.