'Not your Usual Leadership Programme' Virtual Residential

30 June-1 July 2021

What is this programme about? 

This is not about leadership as usual. It’s not about your inner HERO, or being assertive, or persuasive, or making a pitch (although those things can be useful). And it’s not about visible status, as much as we might want that.

It’s about genuine influence.

Leadership here means authentic capacity for making things happen, demonstrating possibility, and offering a vision of something that is needed, interesting, or different. It’s about shaping things quietly and loudly, via many platforms or via one. It can be small or not-small. It can be about a community or a job or even social system-change. It rarely means being out in front by yourself, as common as that message is.  It often means being part of many complex processes and a plurality of expectations. It also often means really knowing your perspective and deep values, including the things you’re not always aware of.

This 2-day residential invites you to deep-dive into learning leadership that is apt for our disrupted, challenging times.

This programme is for you if:

  • you’re curious about better ways of leading than some of the ways you see around you
  • you want a better understanding of your particular passions, strengths, and ways of doing things that can really contribute to the world
  • you’re interested in modern power, including interrogating the very  idea of power
  • the relationship between your authentic self, influence, and getting things done is moderately interesting to you
  • the idea of business-as-usual makes you feel vaguely discontented, or even angry

Our operating framework is that there are powerful, emerging ways to lead  - from socio-cratic models to emergence and biophilia - that are collective, sustainable and life-enhancing. We also believe that these ways of leading are not only apt for our times but essential. This kind of leadership begins internally: knowing your inner scripts and intentions. Doing things with purpose. Having clarity and insight to see through assumptions (about what it means ‘to lead’; what success looks like; what is impact). And then moving outwards to galvanise ideas, people, resources and intentions in ways that build up, not damage.

Guest lecturers include:

  • Nicholas Ibery: He is a VC and a health and life sciences sector specialist, a General Partner, Global Head of Health and Life Sciences Investments and is also a Specialist Advisor to the Senior Crossbench Peer on Health, Life Sciences and Technology Policy at the UK House of Lords. 
  • Hilary McLellan – an Organisational Behaviourist and Exec. Coach and Dr Ashleigh McLellan – a Clinical Psychologist - are not just part of the same family, they have spent the last two years carefully connecting their professional knowledge and experience to bring ‘compassion focused coaching’ to the corporate and executive coaching world.
  • Coreene Archer, principal leadership coach and Anne Benson, Head of Programmes from the Tavistock Institute
  • Cindy Forde, Founder of Planetari, an organisation which sets out a vision for education, to enable all children by 2030 to understand our planet as a living system and to have the capacity for creativity and innovation to be able to live successfully here.

As always, Changemakers doesn’t promise answers but instead works to challenge your thinking, assumptions and questions. You’ll get to do this via hands-on experience with interested and generous peers, and access to experienced coaches and guest lecturers.


How it works

During this residential you’ll encounter intense teaching sessions; small and large group discussions; your own coaching circle; panel conversations; focused self-reflection; extensive online resources and references; and opportunities to meet with first-rate guest teachers: business leaders, scholars, coaches, and innovators. You’ll also have access to a suite of Changemaker online materials and chat channel, available for the rest of the calendar year. The programme will be taught via Zoom and Teams.

The programme will be led by the Changemakers’ team and first-rate guest teachers. You’ll also have access to a 1:1 session with an experienced coach (who also happens to be a Cambridge academic).

* Pre-sessional work and virtual introductions opens on 23 June, including meeting your coaching circles (5-6 fellow participants in each group).

*NOTE: You’ll be asked to arrange a 70 minute session with your coaching circle sometime between 24 and 29 June. Please make sure you have a couple of windows in there in which to meet.

Both days will run:

  • 10 am-1 pm online
  • 1-5 pm primarily offline to read materials and articles (with 70 minute coaching circle tba amongst your group members)
  • 5-6 pm online
  • with an evening session 7.30-9.30 pm on June 30

Join a select group of fellow Homerton students, world-class programme lecturers, mentors and coaches for a 2-day deep-dive into your own leadership capacity.


How to apply

Places are limited & awarded by application.

​The residential is open to all students at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, and recent leavers (<5yrs).

Applications include a 150 word (3-5 line) statement about why you want to participate and what you hope to learn from the programme.

Applications are now closed. 


Applications due:20th June, 5pm (new extended deadline)

Notifications: Monday 21 June

A note on your involvement

The programme is intentionally intensive and immersive, designed to maximise the depth of experience and the insights you will gain. We ask that you commit to participating fully during the two days, and the pre-session Coaching Circle Group meeting the week before.

Not all  of the sessions will be online - and there will be breaks! - but the benefits you gain will be truly concomitant with what you put in. Please keep this in mind. 

During the Residential 

You will be asked to complete a journal (either video, visual, text or combination of the above) during the two-days. There will also be a daily reflection to engage with around the sessions.

You will need access to a computer, stable wifi or phone connection, and ideally somewhere that is sufficiently quiet so you can concentrate on sometimes personal matters. If equipment and/or space is likely to be problematic, please get in touch with us.

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