Dr Carmen Ting


College position:

Renfrew Fellow (Junior Research Fellow in Archaeology)

Dr Carmen Ting
Dr Carmen Ting

Dr Ting is currently holding a Junior Research Fellowship at Homerton College and the Renfrew Fellowship at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. Her research seeks to investigate the circumstances and mechanisms that contributed to the beginning of glazed wares production in Central Asia and al-Andalus (ca. 9th to 13th centuries CE), using these examples as proxy to highlight the nature and processes of Islamisation.

Previously, she was awarded with the Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship, based at the University of Cyprus. She directed the project, GLAZE, which aimed at testing the suitability of using glaze technologies to examine the dynamics of cultural interactions in the medieval and post-medieval Mediterranean, with Cypriot glaze production during the 13th to 17th centuries as case study. She has also worked on different archaeological materials that cover broad geographic and temporal contexts, including Middle Islamic unglazed handmade pottery from the Levant, technical ceramics in Meroitic Sudan, early colonial indigenous pottery in the Caribbean, and Maya fine-ware ceramics in Central America.


McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research