Dr Francesca Moore


College position:

Vice-Principal, Director of Studies in Geography, College Associate Professor

Francesca Moore
Francesca Moore

Francesca is a feminist geographer with research interests in gender culture, power, reproductive politics, and moments of crisis in modern times. Broadly speaking, Francesca’s work explores the relationship between past and present through the lens of gender. A key focus of Francesca’s work is the historical-political and legal geographies of access to abortion from the 19th century to the present day. This work presents many methodological challenges so Francesca’s work also explores key questions in geographical research about the production of knowledge, including decolonising geographical knowledge, and research ethics. Francesca is currently working on her first book, Victorian Endurances, which places contemporary gender politics in its wider historical and cultural context. The book offers a series of re-descriptions of the recent present showing the ways in which the past does cultural work in the present.

Francesca is also currently the Vice-Principal. In her executive role for the College Francesca works with the senior team to deliver the College’s mission of widening participation, innovation in education, and environmental sustainability. Homerton is proud to do things differently. As Chair of the Homerton Estates Committee, Francesca helps the College create a sustainable built environment and harness the power of the estate to deliver social value, health and wellbeing benefits. Francesca has a particular interest in passivhaus buildings and low-tech architecture.

Teaching And Professional Interests

Part IA Human Geography: People, Place and the

Politics of Difference; Part IB Citizenship, Cities and Civil Society,

Part II Geographies of Discipline and Social Regulation

Links to online publications, articles or other work
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