Dr James Manwaring


College position:

Director of Studies in Law, College Assistant Professor

Mr James Manwaring
Mr James Manwaring

James joined Homerton in 2019 as a Fellow and Director of Studies in Law. Previously he was a Stipendiary Lecturer in Law at Hertford College, Oxford, and a teaching Fellow at UCL. He holds an LLB from the University of Warwick, and a BCL, MPhil, and DPhil from the University of Oxford. 

James works mainly on the philosophy of criminal law. His doctoral work focused on the structure and justification of incapacity rules, asking how the criminal law ought to be more lenient to (for example) children and those with mental disorders.  He also has interests in legal and normative philosophy more generally (ie thinking about what we, or the law, ought to do).

Research Interests

Criminal law

Legal philosophy

Normative philosophy

Teaching And Professional Interests

Criminal law

Tort law

Philosophy of law

Links to online publications, articles or other work

Manwaring, 'Windle Revisited' [2018] Crim LR 987

Manwaring, 'Proportionality's Lower Bound' (2021) Criminal Law and Philosophy