Dr Julia Kenyon


College position:

College Associate Professor and Pre-Clinical Director of Studies in Medicine. Director of Studies for Natural Sciences (Years 2, 3 & 4 Biology) and for Medicine (Pre-Clinical)

Photograph of Dr Julia Kenyon
Photograph of Dr Julia Kenyon

Dr Kenyon's research as an independent scientist in the Department of Medicine focuses on how viral genomes are structured. She leads and collaborates in research on HIV, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), dengue virus and influenza virus. Her team develops new techniques to allow us to better visualise the viral genome, which is an RNA molecule (ribonucleic acid). The overall aim is to understand the process by which the virus particle forms and to design drugs that block the process.

Dr Kenyon is Director of Studies for Medicine (pre-clinical) and Biological Natural Sciences and a Supervisor for Molecules in Medical Science 1A, Biology of Cells 1A and Biology of Disease/Pathology 1B

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Links to online publications, articles or other work
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