Dr Juliana Cavalcanti


College position:

College Assistant Professor in Economics, Director of Studies for Economics (Years 2 and 3)

Subject areas

Labour Economics, Education Economics, Income Inequality Education and Fertility and Religion and Development Macroeconomics and Labour

  • PhD in Economics
Links to online publications, articles or other work
  • Family Background and Students’ Achievement on a University Entrance Exam in Brazil.(with Breno Sampaio), Education Economics, vol 21(1), 38-52, February 2013.
  • Barriers to Skill Acquisition in Brazil: Public and Private School Students Performance in a Public University Entrance Exam, (with Tiago Cavalcanti and Breno Sampaio), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, vol.50(4), November 2010.
  • What is Behind University Dropout Decision in Brazil? A bivariate Probability Model (with Breno Sampaio and Yoni Sampaio), The Empirical Economics Letter, vol.9(6), June 2010.
  • Is Brazil the land of happiness? A comparative study using a sample with econ university students from UFPE and Purdue. (with Tiago Cavalcanti and Jose Ricardo Nogueira), Brazilian Review of Econometrics, vol.29 (1), 2009.