Dr Katherine Boyle


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Director of Research and Director of Studies in Archaeology

Dr Katherine Boyle
Dr Katherine Boyle
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Research Interests

Palaeolithic Faunas from Europe. This is on-going research into Palaeolithic faunas of W Europe (primarily the Châtelperronian of S. France and Uluzzian of Italy). The focus is on complexity and diversity in faunal assemblages and their relationship with biogeography and subsistence strategies. The role of prehistoric hunter-gatherers versus contemporary large carnivores (e.g. hyaena, wolf and cave/brown bear) is of particular interest.

Later Prehistoric Hunting. Post-Palaeolithic Europe sees the establishment of farming and pastoralism as major economic practices, while the role of hunting changes – to become a reflection of social practices as much as economic. The continued role of hunting in the economy and society is being examined with a focus on sites such as Molino Casarotto (Lago di Fimon, N Italy), Er Yoc'h/Er Yoh (Morbihan, France) and Marcilly-sur-Tille (Bourgogne, France).

(Pre)Historic Landscape and Environment Change: a new project, focusing on the changing natural and cultural landscape in the catchment of the river Granta. Two years of test-pitting and desk-based research in the area near Bury Farm, Stapleford (Cambs), as part of the British Archaeology Summer School have helped to establish that the course of the Granta has changed significantly over time. Both natural and man-made features of the (pre)historic landscape are being investigated in order to determine the nature of both social and economic use of the landscape and river over the last 8,000 years.

Teaching And Professional Interests

Dr Boyle supervises undergraduate students in archaeology, and am Co-Director of the ACE Foundation British Archaeology Summer School (BASS) 

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