Ms Patricia Maude


College position:

Hon Lay Chaplain

Patricia Maude
Patricia Maude

Patricia (Trish) Maude was appointed in 1974 as a Lecturer in the Physical Education Department. Other posts that she held included Head of the Physical Education Department, Deputy Senior Tutor, Director of School Liaison, Coordinator of the KS2/3 Postgraduate Programme and she also served as a Staff Trustee.

She participated in the Partnership Programme with Kotebe Teachers College in Addis Ababa making two teaching visits to Ethiopia and led Teachers Courses on three occasions in Dubai. Amongst her other professional activities, she served on the DfE Working Group to establish Standards for Teachers; on the British Heart Foundation Early Years Working Group; the NICE study and report on Physical Activity in Childhood and chaired the Early Years Special Interest Group for the International Physical Literacy Association. She also ran Homerton Gymnastics Club for 30 years.

Following her retirement from the Faculty of Education in 2001, she continued as a College Tutor until 2016. In 2014 she commenced her role as Honorary Lay Chaplain to the Charter Choir and undertook the Diocese of Ely course, to qualify in 2017 as an Authorised Lay Minister. She currently continues in this role.

Research Interests

Physical Literacy and Children’s Physical Development

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